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8 Tips to Keeping Power Cables Around the House Organized.

Updated on July 6, 2017
Unmanaged cables can an unsightly site.
Unmanaged cables can an unsightly site. | Source

It's an all too common experience. You put your headphones into the pocket as you head for work. But on arriving to the office 40 minutes later, you find the length of the headphones is a tangled mess that takes you a while to unwind amid curses. Now imagine the bunch that is your computer and electronic cables in your house and all carrying sensitive data or some electric charge. If they get tangled, you are in for a rude shock.

It cab take a while to unwind, find whatever you need, or even keep yourself and colleagues in the vicinity of the tangled cable system. In this write up, we talk of ways to manage cables around the house or in the house. Read on.

Tips to keep Cables Organized.

1. Use Labels

Labels make it easy to identify which cable are meant to go to which port. It doesn't matter whoever comes checking for a specific cable, they will leave the place organized. You can even have the labels bear the diagrams of the devices they are connected to to make identification even easier.

2. Use wrappers to shorten unnecessarily long cables.

3. Install a cable-hiding charging station

4. Use binder clips

5. Use wire baskets

6. Mount your cables on a Pegboard


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