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8 Home Deck Ideas for Your House

Updated on August 20, 2013

Adding to Your Home

This summer, my husband and I finally decided we could afford to put a deck on our home. After our spring wedding in 2011, and the busy summer to follow, this is the first chance we've had to be home and do some serious work to our house!

As part of our anniversary gift to each other, we went through lots of deck plans, and lots of ideas that my husband had until we chose the perfect one.

It was quite a process, and it really didn't have to be so hard. So I'm going to save YOU some time and cut right through the tough stuff and skip right to the good stuff. Get ready, get set, go!

Image courtesy of cletch on Flickr.

Before We Get Started

Get a mental picture of what you want

Once you have an idea what you want out of your deck, (is it going to be rectangle shaped, octagon shaped; will it be a pool side deck, or a splash deck for a pool) then decide how big you want the deck to be (will it be small, medium, large; what are your ideal dimensions?) after this, you are ready to browse some plans.

One site I found very helpful for browsing plans was: There you can choose your size, and your dimensions, and then browse the results they have for you. The site also gives you a breakdown of your costs that you could expect for the given ideas. Pretty nice, right?

Image by
Image by

Deck Plan #1

Large Deck With Pergola

This deck plan from is a beautiful design for someone who wants the best of both worlds. It's not quite a porch, but close! The pergola provides a nice place for shade, while the large side deck gives a nice spot to enjoy the sunshine.

Not to mention, a little spot on the side is also built in for a grill to be stowed away in it's own little home.

What to Consider - When Planning For a Deck

Image by
Image by

Deck Plan #2

Keeping Separate Terms

Okay, admit it. You don't always like sitting in the grill smoke. Or maybe you want to be closer to the kids playing in the yard below. This deck allows for the versatility for you to pick a spot and relax. Away from the screen door, away from the grill smoke, and with low elevation at that.

Even more so, it's always a pain to try to get around people when there is one set of stairs. Whether there are a lot of people, or there is just a road block on the stairs (such as toys, kids, etc.) this deck provides dual options for entry/exit. Brilliant.

Invest in a Book - Get Physical Deck Ideas

Sometimes seeing things online isn't enough. We bought a couple books to flip through when we were looking for ideas, and it was really helpful. Here are a few deck books that are worth a look.

Image by
Image by

Deck Plan #3

For a Large Deck

Some of you might be fortunate enough to have a large area for a very spacious deck. These are wonderful for fitting your patio set, your grill, and a bunch of chairs or even plants without tripping over any of them.

We weren't fortunate enough to be able to go with something like this because our elevation was higher, and the space this requires would have taken up our whole backyard!

The Lumberyard is My New BFF

Image by Jesse Wagstaff on Flickr
Image by Jesse Wagstaff on Flickr
Image by
Image by

Deck Plan #4

Simple With a Twist

If you are limited on a budget or space, and still want something unique and seemingly large, then this design might be the trick. It's a simple rectangle shaped deck but with a twist.

The side space around the corner allows for the feel of a second side of a deck without actually adding a second deck. Budget friendly and space friendly. This deck is a winner!

Image by
Image by

Deck Plan #5

Innovative and Comfortable

This deck plan is for the innovative deck builder who is planning on spending a good deal of time outside relaxing. Oh, and most likely for the builder with more of a budget. This large deck is made for lounging and relaxation, and my favorite part of this spacious patio is the daybed (of course). Can't you just imagine laying out in the beautiful weather, reading a good book and sipping fresh lemonade? Mmmm.

This plan is gloriously designed for multiple areas with a unique layout. Perfect for entertaining and relaxing - the perfect combination.

Going DIY? - Get Some Tips & Advice

Image by Accent Deck Design
Image by Accent Deck Design

Deck Plan #6

Make Yourself at Home

With low elevation, and a medium amount of space, this deck is a fan favorite. Built-in seating with the long winding bench is perfect for people who don't want to haul around deck furniture or worry about maintenance of a patio set.

Once again, a pergola is used for some shade on half the deck, or you can choose to shift over to the open side and bask in the sun, enjoying the daylight.

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Image by Accent Deck Design
Image by Accent Deck Design

Deck Plan #7

Shady With a Chance of Rest

If you've got a tight space to work with, but still want somewhere to kick back and unwind, this is it. With or without the shading, this deck is the perfect size for a grill and a couple chairs to just sit and enjoy the world around you. Tucking the deck into the house like this makes room for a yard and a deck, even if you didn't think you had the space for both!

Image by
Image by

Deck Plan #8

So you want a deck with lots of space, but you want a place to put your patio set or picnic table as well. Keep the two separate, but close-by by adding a small octagon shaped peninsula off the end of your deck. This design allows you lots of space to move about on the deck, and yet a space for you to an enjoy an outdoor meal with the family. It's the best of both worlds, and yet still practical and affordable!

Image by dkaz on Flickr
Image by dkaz on Flickr

Enjoying Your Deck

Throw a Party!

Once you finish your deck, it's time to celebrate all your hard work! It's like a housewarming party, but without all the cleaning or housewarming gifts (sadly, right?)

Invite all your neighbors, friends and family, make some fabulous appetizers and show off your latest completed project. It's a great feeling knowing that you put the in the efforts that will pay off for years to come!

Comments - Did this help you out with your home deck project?

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    • profile image

      RossMelvin 5 years ago

      Great Lens :). Choosing the right decking can be easier than i thought!

    • MojoCreator LM profile image

      MojoCreator LM 5 years ago

      Good Lens. Thanks for the info!

    • squid-janices7 profile image

      squid-janices7 5 years ago

      Great plans and tips! Definitely check with the local building codes people - it is crazy how many regulations they had to add the deck we did to our house. And I highly recommend using trex or Timbertech for the floors - we've had it for over 10 years and it has lasted really well with very little maintenance.

    • kimmer1491 profile image

      Kim 5 years ago from Big Lake, MN

      WOW - you really have done your research! I love the plans with the shady area. I never realized there were so many options for a deck.