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Top Rated 8x10 Area Rugs For The Living Room

Updated on August 1, 2013

Top Rated 8x10 Living Room Area Rugs

The 8x10 area rug is one of the most common sizes of rugs and it's perfect for most people in their living room. Whether you use it as a runner for an open space or center them under the coffee table these rugs would make a fine addition to any home.

The area rugs featured on this page are some of my favorites but even more so I've hand selected only those rugs that are best sellers that also receive exceptionally high customer satisfaction ratings.

In addition to best sellers I've also included sections below featuring some of the better quality rugs for sale by material and style. As is the case most of the time the best rugs are not always the best selling rugs. In any event I hope you find something below that you are looking for.

Photo Credit - Home Dynamix Royalty Collection

Top Rated 8x10 Area Rugs - These Are The Best Sellers With Rave Reviews

High quality area rugs are perfect additions to any home with hardwood floors. Even homes with carpet can be improved upon with a nice rug that matches the rest of the interior decor. The following area rugs are all available in the standard 8 foot by 10 foot size as well as many additional sizes. I've limited this list to only the most popular rugs with the highest reviews possible. These are mostly contemporary in styling and would look great in most modern homes.

8 x 10 Wool Rugs - A Few Of My Favorite Wool Rugs

Wool rugs are perfect for high traffic areas. They are very soft, plush, and they feel good under the foot. They aren't he easiest rugs to clean so make sure you protect them or keep them under close watch for spills. As with all decorative items appeal is different for everybody - the following list features my favorite high quality wool rugs that are top sellers in their own right. Hopefully you have a similar taste to me.

Want Something Easy To Clean?

Polypropylene rugs are much easier to clean than wool or jute. There are made from synthetic materials which do better at resisting stains. The drawback is that they don't have the same luxurious feel as some of the natural fibers. Nevertheless the page following is full of cheaper rugs that resist staining and clean up easily.

Top Rated Area Rugs That Are Easy To Clean
I live in a home with two cats and a toddler. Messes always happen no matter how diligent I am about stopping them. Rather than living with hardwood floors w...

Jute Rugs For Low Traffic Areas

You don't want to put a jute rug in an entry way or around a set of couches in the family room. This type of rug doesn't clean as easily as some other synthetic types and doesn't hold up as well to heavy foot traffic. Likewise you shouldn't put furniture on a jute rug either as it is not suited for this. Instead a jute rug should be used for low traffic areas and function more as a decorative piece than a functional piece. Expect to spend a lot less for jute than wool but probably a bit more than synthetics.

Looking For Even More Cheap 8x10 Area Rugs?

The following page features more area rugs that predominantly cost $100 or less.

Cheap Area Rugs That Look Awesome
Area rugs can be wildly expensive if you don't shop around. In some regard they are better rugs than cheaper alternatives but in large part you can usually g...

And for a great accent rug check out the round area rugs on the following page.

The Best Round Area Rugs For Any Room
I love round area rugs because they are typically the perfect accessory to finish any design idea you may have. Whether you are decorating a kid's room, furn...

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