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9 Emerging Apps to get you around London

Updated on May 19, 2015

In a busy place like London, now you can find time to do more, as you get done faster through using these great apps.

Frugl Marketplace

Frugl, an iPhone app, is fast gaining traction as the go-to app when it comes to enjoying yourself in London while being on a small budget. The app is available on the App Store and streamlines popular things to do while keeping everything under £10. The purchase of tickets to popular events is just two taps away.

Moreover, with its latest updated version, unique design and an exceptional interface, it becomes even handier for its users.

TimeOut London

The app, nominated as the ‘Best Travel App’ by Carphone Warehouse Appys in 2011, comes along with distinct features and can be downloaded on all IOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod) and Android devices. In addition, the app also includes bookmarks and day-by-day planner, area guides, etc. for the convenience of its users.

Locating restaurants with diverse cuisines, art, and much more has never been easier. It not only allows searching by events and area, but can also track user’s exact location using ‘Locate Me’ facility and pinpoint local events and venues on the map.


Dojo shot to popularity with the statement of Mayor Boris Johnson, who considers it a way to enjoy London.

With amazing customer reviews and widespread digital media coverage, the Dojo app finds extreme popularity among Londoners for helping them find beautiful places to eat and visit in London. From Moroccan to Italian, and from Turkish to good old British, the app brings all types of food in one place.

Available for download on both IOS and Android, the app receives high appreciation from its users for its regular push notifications.


The 24/7 available app provides users with a convenient way of booking a licensed cab using their iPhone or Android. Moreover, it ascertains a fixed price for a journey that never increases with any delays related to traffic. With this app, the users can book a cab as early as 5 minutes before and as far as 3 months ahead.

The app provides a promotional offer where the users can become a goldbee and claim free cinema tickets by just booking with Kabbee. Moreover, it also claims savings of up to 65% in comparison with a black cab and provides £10 in credit for each new friend that books.

Atlas Cars of London

Atlas Cars app provides a three touch cab booking facility for all sorts of journeys that include airport transfers and business tours, etc. at economical prices. The app is available for use on both IOS and Android allows customers choose, compare and book a cab that best suits them.

Moreover, using the app, the users get complete information regarding their fare quotations, booking confirmations, driver details as well as other important notifications. The app also allows the users to track their vehicle in real-time.

Addison Lee

Addison Lee app serves to be the main contender when it comes to providing minicab services in the major cities of UK. The app, which is available for download on iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone, allows users book their desired car with just a few taps on the phone. The app also allows different payment options as per convenience of the customer.

The fleet includes all types of standard, business and environment friendly cars. Its ease of use and time saving benefit makes it an extremely useful app for users.


Officially licensed by Transport for London (TfL), the TubeMap app has seen its popularity rise to above 10 million downloads. Its ease of use and precision in terms of guiding passengers conveniently through one of the most complex underground train networks in the world has led it to a plethora of awards from leading platforms such as Appsters and TechRadar.

The app has a route planning feature which streamlines the process for passengers, and multiple other key features such as line status, station information, maps etc. No wonder it won the “Excellence in Technology” award in 2013.


CityMapper stands alone as the ultimate and real time public transport app serving in London, Manchester, Singapore and many more destinations. The app which is available for use on both IOS and Android is recently going through the process of recreation in order to improve its services in some of the complicated cities of the world.

The app has claimed numerous awards from some of the prestigious companies like Apple, London Design Museum and Android Playstore which has made its service more effective and reliable.

Tube Exits

This app finds its popularity in providing faster and reliable information to the customers on London Underground. The app saves the valuable time of their customers by giving them accurate information about the arrival and availability of tube and also ensures their timely exit off the tube. Using this app, the passengers can save around 10 minutes on average journey even during peak hours.

The app, which is fully compatible with IOS7 and can easily be downloaded on iPhone and iPod touch, further facilitates passengers by enabling them to exclude stations and re-route the journey as required. Also, the app is easily accessible everywhere; in the underground station, on the platform as well as in the train.

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