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What are the 9 Things In Your Home Covered With Germs?

Updated on July 11, 2013

Places that miss getting cleaned

Nobody likes the idea of germs being all around us. Some of us (myself included) are actually really bothered by the thought of germs. We at least like to believe that our homes are safe from the germs of the outside world. But unfortunately the germs are in our homes as well. Some of the germiest places in your home are just places that miss getting cleaned.

1. Underside of rugs - most of us have enough trouble keeping up with the regular vacuuming of the top side of the rugs without having to worry about cleaning the bottom side. But if you don't there are germs under there. Simply flip the rugs over and vacuum the underside once in a while.

2. Blinds - Blinds are not easy to clean and many times get overlooked. How you can clean them will depending on what the blinds are made of. Wooden blinds cannot be cleaned the same as plastic ones. Determine what cleaning solution will work for your blinds and make them shine!

3. Top of the refridgerator - We all know just how disgusting it can get up there but we do little about it. I guess "out of sight out of mind" kinda takes over. But really it doesn't take much to get up there once and a while and just wipe it down with a cleaning solution.

Things you wouldn't think of....

4. Indoor plants - Who ever heard of cleaning your plants? Well think about it. Outdoor plants get rained on all the time. It's a built in self cleaning function. Indoor plants don't have the self cleaning function. They sit around, day after day, collecting dust and GERMS! Just take a damp rag and wipe them down every so often.

5.Credit Cards - Seriously, who thinks "it's time to clean my credit cards". But credit cards are handled all the time and they are handled by not just you. The waiter, the store clerk, you name it, they've touched it. Not to mention the machines that they are swiped thru that all of the other cards on the planet are swiped thru! It's disgusting when you think about it. The simple wipe down with an alcohol wipe will clean them right up.

6. Vacuum Cleaner - OK, so you use the vacuum cleaner to clean but how often do you clean your vacuum cleaner? Like never! Just think though, it is sucking up all those germs. While it is doing that germs are getting all over it. You need to clean it and make sure that you free up anything that gets tangled in it. Most manuals will give you cleaning instructions.

Last but certainly not least....

7. Kitchen Trash Can - Again, this is something many of us tend to overlook. But you should periodically clean out your kitchen trash can with a solution that contains bleach. If it's too large for your sink you can use the shower. In either case make sure you clean out the area that you used to clean it when you are done. You don't want to just transfer the germs from one place to another!

8. Toothbrush holder - This is definitely a place where germs can tend to gather. It never really looks too dirty, but you should take the brushes out and clean it out good with a bleach solution every so often. Make sure you allow it to air dry good before beginning to use again.

9. Purse - Purses are another item that tend to get overlooked. But women take their purses everywhere with them. To the bathroom when in public places, to the hospital to visit sick relatives, to the grocery store, doctors appointments, etc etc. The list goes on. And what do they do with their purses? They set them down. They set the on the floor, in the cart, on counters, everywhere there are germs. Then they bring them home, germs and all. Purses should be cleaned often. Even just wiping down the outside with a clorox wipe would be a big help. And while you got the clorox wipes out, do your cell phone!

There are certainly more than we mentioned.

These nine are just a few to get you thinking. I'm sure that they have made you think of other things that should be cleaned in your home. There is no way we can be 100% germ free but there are certainly things we can do to cut down on the germs around us.

Let's Be Honest

Have you EVER cleaned your credit cards?

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