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9 Stylish Humidifiers from Japan

Updated on October 10, 2011

As summer time ends and cold weather starts to kick in, many places start to suffer from dry air. It makes your skin rough and your throat itchy. What do you do to prevent your skin and throat from drying out in a dry season? A common solution is to use humidifier to moisturize the surrounding air.

If you are considering purchasing a humidifier this fall/winter, you should consider getting one from Japan. While majority of manufacturers focuses on producing a functional look of humidifier to serve a simple task, to moisturize air by diffusing mist or vapor into the air, some Japanese manufacturers are adding neat designs to their humidifiers.


Misty Garden

Misty Garden looks like a pot of house plant.

It moisturizes air by letting water evaporate off the water filter with a shape of flowers. You don't need to plug this into a wall. Simply add water to its base to use.


Chokotto Oasis

Chokotto Oasis is a portable version of Misty Garden. The same water filter is made into a shape of a flower and stored in a stylish plastic case.

It is compact enough for you to carry it around. Keep one in your bag and use it whenever air is dry at your office.

Watch Chokotto Oasis in action.


Nohohon-zoku Aroma Moisturizer

Who would have thought a humidifier can look this cute?

The manufacturer of Misty Garden created this humidifier, in collaboration with a promotional character of passive lifestyle, Nohohon-Zoku. It is called aroma moisturizer because it comes with a fragrance solution to add a nice scent to the air.


Mast Humidifier

This humidifier is made from hinoki wood, a creamy color wood with refreshing lemony scent.

As water evaporates from the sheet of wood, you can enjoy the fragrance of hinoki, known to have a relaxation effect. This humidifier also works without electricity.



This evaporative humidifier with award winning design is a little more colorful than other non-electric humidifiers. Its proven effectiveness and vivid color design surely give an accent to your room.


USB Canned Humidifier

This compact humidifier has a shape of a soda can. You can power it through USB port of your computer. It is a perfect mini humidifier for your cubicle. The unique shape will probably attract attentions of your co-workers.


USB Instant Noodle Humidifier

This is another version of the unique desktop humidifier. It has a shape of a cup noodle. With the cool mist coming out of the cup, it looks like you have a real hot noodle on your desk.

This is also powered through USB port. It comes with an attachment to use it on a regular outlet, too.

Watch USB Cup Noodle Humidifier in action.


Steam Humidifier +-0

You may not recognize this as a humidifier if steam is not coming out from it. Despite its stylish look, it has all the functions that you need. A timer, aroma diffuser, thermostat, and a safety fuse.

Watch Steam Humidifier +-0 in action.


Middle Colors

This is another humidifier with lots of functionality. The shape looks like a flower base can create two types of vapors, cool mist and hot steam. Its efficient shape can hold enough water to moisturize the air up to 10 hours.

Watch Middle Colors in action.


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    • watergeek profile image

      watergeek 5 years ago from Pasadena CA

      I love the idea of humidifiers with style. I've included a link to your hub in the one I just posted on the comparison of ultrasonic vs evaporative humidifiers.