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A Beautiful Canopy Bed

Updated on September 3, 2010

Many years ago, a canopy bed was a functional item. The canopy was used to keep out dirt and insects; to preserve temperature (to keep the occupant cool or warm), and to provide privacy. Today, this type of bed is considered an unnecessary item, to some - maybe even superfluous. But for me, the canopy bed has always been synonymous with luxury. It may seem a bit over the top but for what it's worth here are my reasons for buying one.

As a little girl, I wanted nothing more than a four poster bed. My family lived in a small house at the time, and I shared not only my room, but a small daybed with my little sister. I would lie awake at night and fantasize about having my own bedroom, with a beautiful canopy bed as the centerpiece. I'd watch television shows like "The Brady Bunch" and anytime I saw a girl lucky enough to have a pink, princess-themed bedroom with a white four-poster canopy bed, I'd feel a pang of jealousy. Why, oh why couldn't it be me reclining in that huge bed, reading Judy Blume books and staring up at a white lace canopy?

I never did get the canopy bed of my girlhood dreams. When I got married, and moved into my own house, I had some very definite ideas of how my "grown-up" bedroom should be furnished (as you might imagine). I was determined to have the four-poster of my dreams-maybe not a princess room-but a canopy bed was definitely within my reach. Finally, my childhood fantasy realized!

If you do purchase this type of bed then take some time to consider the interior design of your room. After much deliberation, I settled on a black iron four-poster bed with canopy. We painted the room a barn-red, and the visual effect of the black iron and white linens upon entering the bedroom is very dramatic. My husband, who was against purchasing such a large item in the first place, has come around and can certainly appreciate the romantic allure that a bed of this type affords. It's like living in your own Harlequin Romance novel.

If you have plenty of spare cash to burn then you could take things one step further. During the search for our bed I came across the most exquisite antique canopy bed at an auction house. It was made from wrought iron and was beautifully designed with delicate swirls and very ornate patterning. To be fair it wouldn't have really gone with our decor but it was a lovely piece of furniture with a real sense of history to it. If you're going to follow the antique furniture route you have to appreciate that it's all or nothing. You can't just buy one piece and stick it in a room full of contemporary furniture. I've only ever seen t work really well once and that was in the bedroom of a friend who had spent years slowly building up the pieces of furniture, waiting patiently to find the right pieces that would compliment one another.

I've certainly turned my bedroom into my own little sanctuary by purchasing a bed of this type. Every night when I jump into bed to read before falling asleep, I always feel as though I've stumbled into a luxury hotel. On particularly bad days, when I feel as though I need to retreat from the world, I'll close all of the panels around the bed, and suddenly, I have my own little room, my own little space just for me. And no more worries about having to share my space with my younger sister! So if you want one then go for it, canopy beds really can be functional as well as beautiful.

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    • ggerner profile image

      ggerner 7 years ago

      I love canopy beds, too. There's something magical about them. One of my best childhood memories is snuggling with a good book on a stormy day while in my cousin's wrought iron canopy bed.