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A Brushed Nickel Chandelier Is Worth Every Penny

Updated on March 22, 2011

If you’re looking for a light to truly show off a great room or large space then you really can’t go wrong with a brushed nickel chandelier. This is coming from a guy who was previously unwilling to give it a chance, but who was proven wrong by his brushed nickel lighting loving wife. I’m not going to tell you that it’s the cheapest light fixture in the world, but as with most things you get what you pay for.

Installing the chandelier was no cake-walk, let me tell you. I needed the help of two other guys to lift it and hold it in place some 25 feet of the floor, but within an hour we had it wired and mounted. I called my wife into the room and when we flipped the switch I think there was an audible “wow” that echoed throughout the great room. I had assumed that a chandelier was a chandelier, but I now firmly believe that brushed nickel chandeliers are the way to go if you have the budget for it and a taste for class.

I think many people are hesitant to use “silver-looking” chandeliers but it looks so much better when it has the soft, brushed look. Instead of being quite so reflective it tends to disperse light more evenly, giving the light a sort of soft glow that warms up the whole room. And though I have trouble articulating it exactly, it just gives the room a richness and a tone that can’t be matched with cheaper materials or fixtures.  It has the ability to turn an average-looking room into a spectacular space.  It really is amazing how much the quality of the fixtures can alter a room's character.

Now, as with the brushed nickel knobs in our house, the only thing I’m not looking forward to is the cleaning the darn thing as it’s so high up but it sounds like as long as I don’t use harsh or abrasive cleaners then it shouldn’t be too difficult. The occasional dusting will most likely suffice in most situations.

The only other thing I will say is that if you don't have a great room or vaulted ceiling in your entryway then it might look a little silly to have a huge, honking satin nickel chandelier hanging from the ceiling.  I've seen a few situations where someone tried to squeeze one into a tiny dining room with low ceilings or something like that and it looks a little ridiculous.  I'm sorry but if you don't have the house to pull it off then don't do it.  That said, if you have a smallish home but the entryway is high enough you might be able to pull off a brushed nickel chandelier in all its glory.


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