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A Community Distraught From Fire and Loss

Updated on August 15, 2015

Hope Will Rise

All Rights Reserved
All Rights Reserved

When Lightning Strikes

Thunder and Lightning crackle all around,
And there among the dreams dwell hopes for the future.
As all sleep as things are not what they seem.
The wind is blowing out with a force that would ring a bell.
They say it rings out, when things are not well.
The animals and humans feel the earth's crying pain,
And it's voice crackles with a sound of unrest.
The trees are dying from the seering fires,
And they are engulfed in ashes like they never were there.
In the midst of all the forest, and on the land the madness begins.
And terror breaks out like a theif in the night.
Bringing forth it's fury upon the loving families.
Pets look at their masters and wonder why.
Wild animals flee for their lives, but some become victims in the end.
There you will see the sadness, and weaping for all that is lost.
Memories come forth upon the people of this land.
The fires are taking away the homes that should be the strength of the family,
And while we are watching the tragic event unfold with sadness of heart.
Praying day by day as the fire goes on
That somehow and somewhere the time will stop this event,
And yet time cannot send everyone back to the beginning to undo this pain.
Fires cannot be put out by themselves,
Blessings to all the fire fighters who risk their own lives to help others.
These families have been dealt low blows and cannot go back to undo their loss.
Drought claims too much from our earth, and many of our states have endured.
This is America and this happens across our land.
Can we not see that we are not alone?
If it happens to one of us, then it can happen to all.
People must come forth and join forces to help others.
Kamiah, Idaho and surrounding lands... We hear your cries for help,
And definitely prayers and our thoughts you will get.
For no matter what anyone thinks...where two or more gather to share,
Then from this land you will see a new beginning,
But our hearts are melting as we feel the fire enclosing all around you,
Because you have been saddened and hurt by things you could not control.
My call goes out to all Americans to stand by your people through fires, floods,
droughts, and any tragic events.
Our strength comes from our family, friends, and others across this USA.


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    • ladybluewriter profile image

      ladybluewriter 2 years ago from United States

      Teaches12345- I have seen so much of what is happening. Not only have homes and acreage burned, but animals have been devastated or killed, and many fire fighters have died over all this burning fire. It spread from Idaho into Washington State, and it has affected lives. I am glad to see those that could help were pitching in and doing something. I lived on pins and needles almost thinking about my nephew in Kamiah and his little family of four children. I am thankful that it never got to the middle of the city, but their families lost homes, and now after the fact their uncle lost out to cancer after his home burned down. We are a people that should be bound together for any and all help we can give, for this could happen anywhere in this country. I live in Oklahoma and it does happen here, but this is much worse. It is spreading to all other states also. They certainly all deserve my prayers and thoughts on the matter.

    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 2 years ago

      The fires are still raging in the west. It is a sadness deeply felt across the US. Your words are intense and bring a true light to what we all feel.

    • ladybluewriter profile image

      ladybluewriter 2 years ago from United States

      Since I wrote this poem the fire is raging now into Washington State and surrounding areas. Please keep these firemen and people in your thoughts. This is devastating for all of them. One life of a fireman was already lost. Dogs have laid down in the woods by a dead fawn, and refused to leave it. Nature is in pain here. People are in pain and mentally hurt. I personally pray for their healing minds and hoping they are helped by others.