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A Complete Bathroom Remodeling Project

Updated on April 17, 2014

A Complete Remodeling Project

I recently completed work on an extensive master bathroom remodeling project in Maple Grove, Minnesota. The project involved a complete redesign of the room. Here are some of the goals that the client has relating to the remodeling project:

  • Switch out existing bathroom fixtures.
  • They wanted to have a larger and deeper bathtub installed.
  • A new bench was to be installed in the shower.
  • Renovations were needed on the vanity.
  • Ventilation in the bathroom was to be improved.
  • Many cosmetic updates.

This bathroom design was originally from the 1980's, so it was time to completely update and give this master bathroom a whole new look!

The end result of the remodeling process.
The end result of the remodeling process.

The newly remodeled bathroom now has a great design and is much more functional for this family's needs. They elected to go with a light and airy design in addition to some neutral tiling that will be timeless for any future design change needs. However, it was much more involved than just a simple coat of paint or a new sink faucet.

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The beginning of the remodeling process

We were beginning this project with a basic bathroom design that was in desperate need of an update. One of the first changes that we needed to decide on was how to approach the wall that was separating the shower and the bathtub. In its current state the two were separated by a wall that broke the room in half. This made the room look much smaller, and it made proper ventilation of the room very difficult.

The shower and bathroom before updating

Removing the wall

We wanted to remove the wall in order to make room for an expanded bathtub that would be larger and deeper. This meant that we needed to maximize usable space for foot traffic while keep the size of the new tub in mind.

This would give us the space to put in an expanded tub and leave additional space for an updated shower unit. In the new design we were able to implement a large walk in shower that was fully tiled. Per specification, it also had a sitting bench and some storage space for soaps and other toiletries.

In order to open up the room design, we custom fit a clear frameless glass panel between the tub and the shower. This was in addition to a wide, frameless shower door to make the shower space appear even more open. For the new bathtub, we installed a deep drop in tub that had some new features such as heating and therapeutic air massage.

Fixing the Vanity

One of the biggest issues that we had for this remodeling project was that the vanity currently in place was not a full sized adult vanity. This meant that it was difficult, if not impossible, to use for its intended purpose. We made it a point to completely redesign and install a new and completely updated vanity that was full size and would allow a woman or man to use it with comfort and ease. As you can see from the picture on the right, the existing vanity was cramped and placed in a poor location for regular usage. We wanted to install something that would match the new design of the bathroom.

The Updated Vanity

We ended up settling on a custom vanity which was made with a Beige finish. This specific design was chosen because it was a good match for the new tiles. Additionally, the adult height of this new vanity made it much easier for adults to use it. It was also much wider so two adults could use it comfortably. An added perk was that it had extra storage space compared with the older vanity.

The stone top of the new vanity was added as a contrasting color to the new room design. A bonus feature was a stylish under-mount sink and faucets that were designed to match the rest of the fixtures in the room.

The mirror is framed to match the vanity. We also changed the lighting location around the mirror and added additional lighting over the tub.

The completed project

We made some other small changes to the bathroom after the major work had been completed. Some of these included redoing the linen area of the bathroom, mounting a television for viewing while bathing, adding a new window to the bathroom design, and greatly improving the ventilation for the entire room. Check out more pictures of the project and see some of my other remodeling projects. Thanks for reading!

This remodel was in Maple Grove, MN

A markerMaple Grove mn -
Maple Grove, MN, USA
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The remodel was in Maple Grove, MN.


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    • EvanWright profile image

      Evan Wright 3 years ago from Minneapolis, MN

      Hi Victoria, it was a team project over the course of a few days after plans were done. Thanks for reading!

    • hellovictoria profile image

      ToriM 3 years ago from Atlanta

      WOW. great job on this remodel - this looks absolutely fantastic. How long did it take you to do this?