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A Direction Sheet to Make "Elegant Benches"

Updated on April 22, 2012

1. Unscrew framing lumber from post. Place screws in box and neatly stack framing lumber to the side.

2. Counter-bore two of the 2x6’s per bench, 3/16” deep.

3. Mark center of posts and 2x6’s, on top.

4. Line up and level 2x6’s with the top of posts.

5. Mark spots for bolts on the posts through the 2x6’s, using screwdriver.

6. Drill holes through posts for bolts, ensure holes are straight. Use ½ inch wood bit. à

7. Put 2x6’s on posts with bolts using washers and nuts. (Two flat washers, one lock washer, and one nut per bolt) Use hammer to drive bolts through.

8. Check to see if the 2x6’s are level and then tighten the bolts.

9. Measure outsides of posts with 2x6’s and make note.

10. Take 48 and subtract the number you got and then divide your new number by two.

11. That number from Step 9 is how much the 2x2’s will overhang on the side of the bench.

12. Measure one 2x2 to the number you got in Step 9 from the end of the 2x2 and mark. Do both ends.

13. Line up with edge of 2x6 and make mark on the 2x2 for the screw. Make the mark from the middle of the 2x6.

14. Line all other 2x2’s up with the end of the marked one.

15. Make lines for the screws on all of the 2x2’s.

16. Drill holes for the screws in all of the 2x2’s in the center. Use an 11/64 inch drill bit. à

17. Line up one 2x2 with top edge of 2x6 and screw it in.

18. Place other 2x2’s on top of bench frame and line them up with the 2x2 that is screwed in. Use the straightest 2x2’s on the top and save any curved ones for later steps.

19. Use a spacer (screw driver shank) to space out the 2x2’s from each other.

20. Screw the other 2x2’s into the 2x6’s on the top.

21. Line up the 2x2’s on the chamfer of the 2x6’s and screw in.

22. Line up other 2x2’s using the spacer (screw driver shank) on the side of the 2x6 and screw in.

23. Bench should be complete!


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