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A Dreamcatcher Hanging from the Ceiling to Chase Bad Dreams Away

Updated on November 29, 2016

Dream Catcher Hanging Pattern & Style

Dream Cacther Ornament is unique Handmade item in Ethical Conditions & Harmony with Nature!
Dream Cacther Ornament is unique Handmade item in Ethical Conditions & Harmony with Nature! | Source
Dream Cacther Ornament is unique Handmade item in Ethical Conditions & Harmony with Nature!
Dream Cacther Ornament is unique Handmade item in Ethical Conditions & Harmony with Nature! | Source
Dream Cacther Ornament is unique Handmade item in Ethical Conditions & Harmony with Nature!
Dream Cacther Ornament is unique Handmade item in Ethical Conditions & Harmony with Nature! | Source

The ornament we call a dreamcatcher originated from the Ojibwa Chippewa, a Native American tribe. Members of the Ojibwa Nation would weave a pattern similar to the webbing they employ on their snowshoes around bent wood that is usually tear-shaped or circular. These wooden frames are traditionally only a few inches in diameter. The webbing is similar to the web of a spider. The frame may be wrapped in leather, depending on the preference of the maker. It is also typical to finish off the design with a feather hanging below the circular frame and connected to the webbing itself.

The webbing at the center is a representation of the web of life, which spider repair in an endless cycle. When people dream, the spider weaves their visions and life force within the fabric of the universe. Meanwhile, the circular ring represents the continuity of life and death in an enduring cycle. It is also viewed by some tribes as a representation of the spirit of the Earth Mother. The dreamcatcher is also a reminder to everyone that we are spiritual beings who continually seek the reason for our existence.

According to legend, the Dream Catcher has the power to capture bad spirits that bring people nightmares and fill them with dread and foreboding. While we are asleep, the carefully woven web filters out bad dreams. Once these nefarious spirits are caught they won’t be able to pass through, and only good dreams reach us though the small hole in the middle. After passing through the center, these wonderful visions drift down to the feather that’s suspended from the circle. When the first light of morning is upon the world, the evil spirits caught upon the webbing will perish never to be seen again.

The dreamcatcher is not just any charm. It is a powerful object that is sacred to Native Americans, and they also consider it a medicine wheel. Some of the Ojibwa peoples have received divination with the help of dream catchers. Key figures in the Ojibwa community get their visions through dreams facilitated by these charms. Dreaming in this way is also a means for them to remember lessons that they shall pass on to the next generation. These Native American communities have been very generous indeed for sharing such an important object to other cultures. Now, we can benefit from the positive effects dreamcatchers bring forth.

Why don’t you wish someone sweet dreams and a happy and content life by presenting a handcrafted dreamcather?

These days, it is possible to find a wholesale Dreamcatcher supplier since the value of these charms has spread outside of Native American communities. The benefits of the dream catcher are not limited to ushering good dreams. Apart from a sound a restful sleep, dreamcatchers also endow people with good luck, and promote harmony in their lives. You can also hang a dream catcher on the cradle board of an infant, or present it as a gift to a newborn baby. If you want to fill your home with good dreams, hang a big enough dream catcher. This is how you can invite good spirits to pass through while denying bad spirits entry.

Dream Catcher Hanging Live

Are you believe dream catcher hanging in your bedroom catching nice dream?

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