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A Garden Bench May Be Just What You Need

Updated on November 10, 2015
A wooden bench makes not only a great garden accent but a relaxing place to sit as well.
A wooden bench makes not only a great garden accent but a relaxing place to sit as well.

A garden bench is an excellent piece of outdoor furniture which can help you to solve many problems with your outdoor space, garden, or patio. Whether you’re in need of a focal point, looking to balance your space, a garden accent, or simply a convenient place to sit down and enjoy your yard, a garden bench can help you to do so while making your yard more attractive at the same time. With so many types to choose from your sure to find the right garden bench for all your needs!

Something for Everyone

Many people hate shopping for outdoor furniture because they feel like there is not enough of a selection and ultimately feel as if they are forced into purchasing something which they might like, but don’t love. The opposite is true when looking for a garden bench. And that is because there is something for everyone and every unique outdoor space. Because a bench is a relatively simple structure to make, there are many companies offering a huge selection of materials, styles, and sizes when it comes to purchasing one.

Typically a metal garden bench is what people associate with outdoor benches. However, even when it comes to metal there is a huge variety available both in material and design. There are copper, aluminum, and iron benches available all with their own unique attributes and features. Not to mention designs ranging from the simple to the ornate. Even more than with metal, there is perhaps the greatest selection when it comes to wooden garden benches.

Available in almost any shade, design, and size they span a huge variety of real woods and even synthetic woods. The most popular of all is probably teak. This is due to the fact that it is extremely strong, has a beautiful honey-brown color, and that it is naturally insect and water-proof. While teak benches are more expensive than other types of woods, a teak bench can actually last more than 100 years, making purchasing one an excellent long term investment in your outdoor comfort.

There are also wooden benches ranging from eucalyptus to oak. Another option is a bench which is made from both wood and metal. There are even a large number of choices available when it comes to synthetic plastic garden benches, which can many times double as a handy storage space under its seat. The options are endless making the only problem deciding which one is the best for your specific taste and space.

A Great Looking Focal Point or Garden Accent

A garden bench can also help you to enhance the look and feel of your outdoor space in one of two ways. Many gardens or yards are missing that special something to draw the eye and serve as a focal point or simply need a little extra to accentuate their beauty or feel. Whether you need a focal point or a garden accent a garden bench is a simple, easy, and relatively inexpensive way to do so. When choosing one for a focal point you need to decide on a bench which is striking enough to attract the eye, and lead the viewer to a space where they can sit down and enjoy your outdoor space to its maximum potential.

Many people choose an ornate metal garden bench for this job. A garden bench makes a great focal point not only because of its beauty but because compared to installing a focal point such as a water feature, a bench is much less expensive and requires almost no maintenance. Just place it in the appropriate spot and admire. They also can work to function as a great looking accent. All you need to do is pick a bench which is more subdued and is not so bold looking that it takes the focus away from the garden itself. And of course you need to make sure that it matches the style of your outdoor space as well. The most common type for this job typically are wooden benches because of their natural look, feel, simple design and neutral colors.

Balance and Definition

Another job which your garden bench can perform, and one which is extremely pleasing to the eye, is helping to provide a balanced space. Many homeowners and avid gardeners tend to spend all of their attention on making just one area of their garden look so outstanding that they often forget about the view of their garden area as a whole. A garden bench can be used to balance out this space making it look and feel much more cohesive and even. And of course, it will make it more beautiful too.

A bench simply needs to be placed in the space opposing such an area, providing instant balance along with a place to sit and admire that space. Another problem many homeowners face is that often times it can be hard to see where your garden or yard begins or ends. An extra bonus of using a garden bench is that it can provide and informal marker helping to clearly define your outdoor space while at the same time giving it the balance that it needs.

As you can see a garden bench can provide much more than outdoor seating. With such a huge variety that it’s impossible not to find one that matches your own specific tastes and space even a simple garden bench can make a huge impact. No matter what your outdoor needs garden benches really are sure to please.


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