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A Green Method Of Aquatic Weed Management

Updated on February 4, 2011

Environmentally Save Aquatic Weed Management

The existing techniques of aquatic weed management have mostly been applying aquatic herbicides, or by physically harvesting or removing weeds by pulling, cutting and raking.

These methods of aquatic weed management may become more expensive, labor-intensive, and less effective, a “greener,” better, more cost-effective technique is being used more by people concerned about their water quality.

This recent method of aquatic weed management is known as “benthic barriers,” or bottom barriers. The idea is to introduce a fabric barrier on the bottom of the lake blocking sunlight to aquatic weeds and preventing them from growing roots in the soil.

Materials like plastic sheeting and tarp, burlap, landscape fabric, even old carpeting have been used. These materials haven’t been too successful. Some, like burlap, break down quickly. Others, like plastic tarp fabrics trap gasses like methane, creating “gas pockets” under the sheeting, often raising it off the lake bottom. Weights are often used, most often unsuccessfully, to keep the sheeting down.

The LakeMat® is unique. Made of a gas-permeable, patented fabric, it allows gasses to pass through, (plus, gas ports are included that open and close releasing gasses). The LakeMat® is a major step forward in aquatic weed management.

The exclusive LakeMat® material allows gasses and water to pass through, while creating a barrier to sunlight. LakeMat® folds in half for ease in handling, installing, removal and storage. LakeMat® can be installed by one or two people in just minutes, and includes its own staking system to keep the LakeMat® in place.

Designed for use in specific aquatic weed management areas such as swimming beaches, docks and boat lifts, the LakeMat® controls aquatic weeds where you’d like and leaves other aquatic plants undisturbed.

LakeMats® come in two sizes, large (12.5 x 20) and extra large (12.5 x 30). And if your aquatic weed management challenges also include a soft lake bottom, check out the MuckMat® which not only controls aquatic weeds, it allows you to wade over seemingly bottomless, mucky lake bottoms.

MuckMat Demo


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