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A Green Way to Eliminate Odors in Your Home

Updated on November 6, 2012

When we enter a room in our homes, we like to be greeted by a pleasant smell. Or at least a neutral smell. We are not so fond of unwelcome odors: we wrinkle our noses and ask that age-old question: "Ew. What is that smell?" Perhaps the dog got wet on her walk and then had a nap on the sofa? Or maybe the laundry in the bedroom really needs to be done. Like, now. Sometimes, especially in an older home, you occasionally find yourself surrounded by a musty smell of unknown origins. Whatever the source, one thing is certain, we want to eliminate the odor. But air fresheners containing unnatural chemicals bring their own issues. We want to know just what we are putting into the air we breathe. Try these green odor eliminators and breathe safely.

Steamy Sweetness
Add some slices of lemon, honey, and cinnamon sticks to a giant pot of water. Bring it to a boil. Traces of lemon and cinnamon will begin to float about the kitchen, making your nose quite happy. But don't stop at the kitchen. Fetch a vase or three and fill them with said citrus-y water. Place them in about the house and inhale, deeply. Mix up this sensory cocktail according to your mood, throw in some vanilla and lime or whatever natural combinations speak to you.

Naturally Scented Candles
There are scented candles that can smell sickly artificial, but others that smell authentic and clean. So do your homework. You may have to spend a little more for a lemon-scented candle that actually uses lemon, and perhaps beeswax as a base, but it will be worth it. And don't wait until the sun goes down to enjoy the scent of your natural candles. They bring a cozy feeling to your home at any time of the day, look awesome, and eliminate odors.

Natural Essences In Oils
Be it vanilla, lemon grass, lavender or lemon that you want wafting your way, a drop or two of an essence oil in a small vase of water will being a lovely scent to whatever room you put in it.

Natural Odor Eliminators
If you want a convenient and natural way to eliminate odor, try natural odor eliminators. There are few natural odor eliminators that contain 100% pure citrus oils. And they come in a convenient spray bottle. A couple of brands names to look for are 'pure citrus' and 'NI-712.' Both are natural and non-aerosol. And on top of being health and environment friendly, you will notice a significant better smell then your regular air fresheners. 'NI-712' will be harder to find than 'pure citrus' because it is usually used commercially by hotels and businesses.

Roasted Coffee Beans / Used Coffee Ground
Coffee Beans and used coffee ground make a great odor absorber. Place a bowl of roasted coffee beans in a room, and your room will be filled with great coffee aroma. If you use a clear bowl, it will make a great decoration as well. Place a folded paper towel of a bowl, and put your used coffee ground on it. Although it won't have coffee aroma as unused coffee beans, it will absorb bad odor in your room, closet, or refrigerator. But be sure to change it regularly because mold can form on wet coffee ground.

So, think natural when you think of odor eliminators next time. Bring on the citrus and the flowery smells. You'll be thrilled with the lack of unpleasant smells in your home, not to mention with the awesome smells that replace them.


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