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Updated on May 6, 2011

Earlier woes

 One of my first hubs was to bemoan the problems encountered in keeping my inherited Garden pond and fish, clear and healthy. I had become more then frustrated by clouded waters, murky fish shapes only and plants that did nothing to enhance.

I was amazed at the reaction and to this day, it remains my top read hub, which if nothing else showed I was not alone. Happily, I was on the verge of a breakthrough and if you want to look forward to better pond days for your garden feature then hit the link below, follow the advice, and hopefully ,like myself, put those murky days behind you.

Success at last!

Feedback to the initial hub revealed that like me, frustrated fish pond owners wanted certain key things.

1 CLEAR, CLEAR WATER. This is clearly number one priority for all.

2.LOW COST and TIME MAINTENANCE. We do not have fortunes to spend, nor endless hours to fix problems.

3.HEALTHY FISH. Everyone loves to see healthy colourful fish swimming in a happy environment and by the same token are taken aback when fish become ill, ulcerated etc. 

4.EASY FIX SOLUTIONS. It is understood that problems do happen but when they do, we want to fix smart and fix quick to return things to normal asap.

5.HEALTHY PLANTS. Having strong, vibrant plants to set off the whole pond has emerged as a key requirement from owners.

You could produce a longer list by far but essentially the above carry the main aspirations of pond holders and I am delighted to say that this year we have succeeded on all counts where in previous years we have failed. Proof of course, as ever that following good professional advice is the way forward and the most economic thing to do.

So to all who read CLEAR,CLEAR WATER FOR THE POND, I am delighted to say we have it here and now. Proof that checking out links can be the salvation.


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