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A List Of Ways Of How You Can Exterminate Household Pests

Updated on August 29, 2014


Growing up in a country house has taught me many things that a lot of people might not know, such as that fleas hate vinegar. Sure you might not like the smell, but these things absolutely cannot stand vinegar. Before we traveled where we kept the animals we always rubbed vinegar on our legs to keep the fleas off of us. Trust me, once you get a bad flea infestation its almost impossible to get rid of them.

For some of us, fleas are not our only problem. We might have lice, ticks, termites, ants, roaches (yuck), maybe even squirrels or birds. Clearly we do not want these things in our house, so we often try our own DIY pest removal before actually calling an exterminator. With these methods, you are significantly less likely to have to call one. Hopefully I save you a bit of cash, or sanity...


Ahh, ants. I remember when I was younger I noticed a bump on the wall and wasn't quite sure what it was, so I pushed it in. Out came several hundreds of ants all over the house. Hopefully your problem never gets this bad.

Tip 1: Soapy citrus water. Mix some soapy water with some orange peels for something that will both deter ants and kill them if they get into it.

Tip 2: Ground cinnamon. Do NOT use ground cinnamon sugar. This will attract ants. Ground cinnamon will deter the ants because of the unknown scent.

Tip 3: Boric acid and maple syrup. This is bait for only when they have gotten into your house already, and are established. Just simply mix boric acid and maple syrup together near where ants are staying. Put it down on a plate and it will kill quite a bit of them. You can get boric acid from your local pharmacy.

Tip 4: Corn meal or Cream of wheat. Ants cannot digest these, but will try to eat them. If they eat enough it will kill them.


Looking at these things would bring any completely sane person to a state of disgust. These things are quite a nuisance to get rid of, but it can be done with some patience.

Tip 1: Fix all water leaks. Your average roach cannot live more than 1 week without water. This means any source where they could get it from, you must close it off.

Tip 2: Follow the roaches to see where they hide. This is a good indication of where a nest could be.

Tip 3: Clean your house. If your house is dirty, then odds are there is food for them

Tip 4: Boric acid. Mix this with some homemade cockroach bait, and this will kill them.

Tip 5: Jar traps/ Bottle traps. Put some water and some food inside a container and put it against the wall. They can climb in, but not out.


I had one of these infestations when I was a little kid. These things don't really destroy much, but they are a pain to deal with.

Tip 1: Glass bowl with soapy water. Mix some soap and water and put it inside a fish bowl or glass bowl. The light will attract the lady bugs, and they will fall into the water and die.

Tip 2: Boric acid. You know the drill.

Tip 3: Diatomaceous earth. Buy this cheap online and spread it where ladybugs might pass through.


I've never had them, but my brother has. Here's what we did to get rid of them.

Tip 1: Comb your hair. I mean comb it for a long time. Don't just run a brush through.

Tip 2: Olive oil. This will make them easier to comb out, and has a slight chance of suffocating them.

Tip 3: Pediculide. This is something you put on your head and kills the adult lice.

Tip 4: Cut your hair. This is optional but it makes it so much easier.

Tip 5: After doing all this wash your hair. This will wash some of the eggs out.

Tip 6: Wash/ get rid of your clothes and bedding. There might be some eggs in the bedding

Tip 7: Spray some vinegar in your hair. There is a slight chance of this working on lice the same way it works on fleas. Do this outside or you might have a bigger problem.

Using Borax


This infestation is a serious one, and if it goes untreated it will destroy your house. If you cannot get rid of them yourself call an exterminator immediately. It will save you money.

Tip 1: Wet cardboard. Take some wet cardboard out to where termites are. Once its infested take it outside and burn it. This will get rid of some.

Tip 2: Try some nematodes. These will attack the termites and kill them because they are a parasite.

Tip 3: Boric acid. Again you know what to do.

There really isn't a whole lot you can do, so its typically best to call a professional.

Bed Bugs

If you've ever been unlucky enough to encounter some of this, then you know how irritating it is and how important it is to get rid of them immediately.

Tip 1: Find where the bedbugs are hiding. This will make it easier to get rid of them

Tip 2: Also check your nightstands and dressers.

Tip 3: Vacuum your entire house and furniture (if possible).

Tip 4: Throw away affected items if possible.

Tip 5: Silica Gel will stick to bedbugs and will cause them to suffocate. Just don't breathe it in yourself.

Tip 6: Starve the bedbugs by putting a 3 mm plastic layer over whatever furniture is affected. This way they cant get through to eat.


These things are horrible. They take forever to completely clear up, and they love to eat into my legs. Here's ways to get rid of them

Tip 1. Use white or apple cider vinegar. They absolutely hate the smell of it and will jump right off of you when you spray it on yourself. Also goes for your pets.

Tip 2. Fleas cant swim. Whenever I pick these little jerks into a bowl of water they go.

Tip 3. Place dish soap and water into a small bowl near a night light or something that emits heat. This will attract the fleas and they will get stuck into the bowl and die.

Tip 4. Put some very fine grain salt on the ground. This causes fleas to chafe and eventually bleed to death.

Tip 5. Vacuum like crazy and clean all of your pets.


These things are around every corner in the woods, no wonder it's so hard for outdoors-man to get rid of these things.

Tip 1. These things also hate vinegar. Spray some when they are attached to you and most of them should let go.

Tip 2. Clean all dirty clothes. Especially if you have been outside.

Tip 3. Boric acid yet again.

Tip 4. Citrus water. Spread it everywhere and it might keep them away.

Tip 5. Sulfur dust. Fleas also hate this, but it's more common to use for fleas.

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Final Thought

Infestations can be very intrusive in someones life, so lets not let it take us over. If it's something that could compromise the structural integrity of your home, then get help immediately from a professional exterminator. Do not wait around to do this or else, you could be out several thousand dollars.

If I forgot to mention a bug, let me know in the comments and I will compile my research and edit this article. I want to list all information I can for your benefit so you don't have to waste your money on something like this.

Thanks for reading!


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