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A Look At Pine Bedroom Furniture

Updated on September 9, 2010

People’s taste for pine furniture dates back to the 17th century and it first occurred in Europe. Back then, it was the people with few money to spend on furniture who had their bedrooms furnished with pine. It was only a century later and during the 19th century that this kind of wood became popular. Even more, it became so popular in the 19th century, that most of the pieces of furniture were made of pine. Even today you can find different types and styles of pine furniture. If this is your choice, then you should know some things before buying pine furniture, or it can prove quite expensive.

Although it started to be used during the 17th century, pine furniture began to be stained only 200 years later. By staining it, the woodworkers gave it an attractive look which made it even more appealing.

Starting with that, they went even further and began to paint the furniture and create original designs. Thus, it became very popular among the upper classes and in no time it turned into a hobby. This is why pine is also known as “workman’s wood”.

Pine lasts long time due to the robust wood essence, but it can prove expensive. For saving some money and still getting the pine semblance, you can choose veneer furniture. It is cheap and still has the look.

Pine Bedroom Furniture
Pine Bedroom Furniture

Where To Look For Pine Furniture

If you are decided to go for pine, then you should consider the options available online, at the local furniture retailers or at rental companies. At the local retailers you can find major discounts for discontinued pieces of furniture. You can also find cheap damaged pine furniture, which you can refurbish. Also paying in cash may increase the discounts, too.

To lose the price adding of the stores, you can go straight to a warehouse and look for cheap furniture. Information can be found in advertisements both in the local newspapers and on TV.

Another place to look for is definitely the Internet. Search results can number up to thousands of names of companies selling or producing pine bedroom furniture all over the world. They may advertise great discounts, even free shipping in a short time after having bought the products. You should also check online auctions, as well.

The bedroom furniture made of pine wood came a long way from 17th century’s Europe to a global spread over the 19th century. It is a very looked for item due to its durability and visual appearance. If you are looking for pine bedroom furniture, don’t let high prices discourage you. There are still places where you can find cheap choices. However, if you decide to buy it online, double check the company’s return policies, reputation and customer comments.


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