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A Main Floor Makeover

Updated on June 17, 2014

I am always excited to complete even the smallest remodeling project. Sprucing up a small bathroom or a tiny kitchen is still an exciting accomplishment for me. So when I was able to be involved in a remodeling project involving the entire main floor of a house, it was definitely a different experience.

A remodeling makeover in Maple Grove

Some background on this remodeling project

The house where this project took place had been the previous recipient of a master bathroom remodeling project by SCC Kitchen Bath & Home, and now it was time to change up some of the other rooms to match the quality of the new and improved bathroom. The home was around 25 years old, so it was definitely time to make some major updates. We decided that some drastic changes were needed in order to take what had become a cramped and dated design to an open and well-flowing living space. Out first goal was to breathe new life into the dated design of the kitchen.

The old kitchen design needed to go!

The kitchen before remodeling

Remodeling the Kitchen

One of the main goals for this project was to open up the floor plan of the home. This would allow for easier flow of foot traffic, and also more space if the homeowners were having guests over. A second goal was to increase the amount of storage space that was available on the main level of the home.

To remodel the kitchen, some drastic changes were needed to the base design of the room. One of the most important changes was to increase the amount of lighting that was available. The oak parquet flooring in the kitchen was as old as the house, so we needed to install some new hardwood flooring. I also wanted to improve the flow from the kitchen into the family room. Another challenge was removing the table that was in place near the patio. As far as increasing storage, the goal was to make it so all needed kitchen items could be stored easily. Items previously were divided between the kitchen and the basement, which was less than ideal for the homeowners.

Some desired changes to a few of the kitchen components included the installation of a gas range with a double oven, a farm sink, and a more comfortable floor that is not as susceptible to the dirt and grime that will end getting on it in the kitchen area.

The kitchen after remodeling

The new kitchen design

We were able to add in some recessed and under cabinet lighting to improve the lighting of the kitchen area. We were able to install components that were non-intrusive and really brightened up the room. We also redid the cabinets in order to give additional space and increase the visual appeal of the cabinets. We ended up using cabinets with soft close drawers and doors in an Antique Beige finish, with a contrasting Cocoa Brown Wood hood and Island.

Next, we wanted to change the countertops that were in the kitchen. We went with a classic, sleek, Carrera tile looking countertop of engineered stone for years of maintenance-free use and beauty. Updates to the tile included coordinating classic tile backsplash. This was done in order to match the new large Apron style farm sink.

New appliances were installed that fit into the new design. We wanted to maximize space in a way that multiple people would be able to use the kitchen at the same time. We changed the kitchen window to match the new design with a wood surround. This helped to make the sink wall seamless. We removed the barrier of cabinets by the patio door and added the bonus of an island with additional seating. We wanted to add a durable, comfortable, and stylish flooring to match all of the new design aspects. We selected a plank style durable flooring and a soft paint color to pull it all together.

Updating the bathroom

The main bathroom on the first floor of the home needed some updates as well. It had an unappealing, cramped design that we needed to change in order to match the updated look we were trying to achieve. One of the goals was to install a new bathtub that was deep enough to soak in. A secondary goal was to remove the need for a shower curtain if possible.

The old bathroom

The new bathroom design

We were able to meet both of the goals for this new bathroom design. No need for a shower rod and curtain anymore! We ended up adding a Deep soaker tub to allow for long luxurious baths. We also installed a tile tub surround. To make a shower curtain unnecessary, we installed a clear-glass, frameless spray panel and personal sprayer. This allows the shower to be used while keeping water off the floor and the tub to be used without crawling over the shower door track or fighting with a shower curtain.

Updating the kitchen and the bathroom were two of the main aspects of this home remodeling project. However, there was still work to be done updating the family room and the powder room on the same floor. Some possible updates included reworking the flooring in these rooms and possibly updating the paint on the walls to improve the room design. Stay tuned for a future hub and the thrilling conclusion of this remodeling overhaul!

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