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A Mom's Guide on Choosing Rocking Chairs for Nursery

Updated on November 7, 2015

To many parents, rocking chairs are a nursery necessity because even the fussiest babies find the back-and-forth motion soothing and sleep inducing. Modern rockers expand that basic idea to provide not just a stylish piece of furniture, but also a comfortable place to feed and cuddle the little one. Unlike the old-school wooden rockers, today’s rockers come with plenty of padding, with some of them featuring matching ottoman where you can pop up your feet.

Types of Nursing Chairs

Nursing chairs (otherwise known as baby feeding chairs) are used to provide the most comfortable position for breastfeeding, baby nursing or breast feeding. There are several characteristics of these types of chairs that differentiate them from other types of chairs. Firstly, they sit low with a reclining/sloping back. Secondly, they have a glider or rocking motion to provide a soothing motion. Thirdly, they have several sitting positions that you can select by use of a lever. They are also reasonably well upholstered with padded arms and cushions, and often have a footstool in matching fabric and color. If you intend to buy a nursing chair, there are various types that you can choose from. They include:

  • Rocking Chairs

These types of nursing chairs sit and move on a pair of rounded rockers. While these types of chairs require some effort with your toes to rock them back and forth, there are new versions of rocking chairs that are more comfortable and require less effort. Rocking chairs come with padding and cushions, and some of them come with dampers and springs, which prevent excessive rocking. They are available in a variety of colors, styles and materials, making it easy for you to choose the most ideal one for you and your baby.

  • Gliders and Ottomans Glider Chairs

These are basically an updated version of rocking chairs. They serve the same purpose as the rocking chairs, but their rocking movement is achieved without rockers. They allow for a back and forth motion that is very comfortable. For increased comfort, you might need an ottoman with your glider. Ottomans gliders bring comfort to another whole new level, enabling you to put your feet up.

  • Recliner Chairs

These types of chairs resemble gliders in many aspects. They are extremely comfortable and they let you put your feet up. Most recliners fall under three categories, i.e. traditional two-position recliners, wall saver recliners and push-back recliners. These types of chairs are also available in a wide variety of colors, styles and materials.

Whether you prefer a rocking chair, a glider or a recliner, the bottom line is that all these types of chairs can be utilized as nursing chairs. The fact that they come in various colors, styles and materials makes it easy for you to choose the one that is comfortable for you and your baby, and also matches with the décor of the room you intend to put them in.

Buying Guide

If you think that you’ve already found the perfect rocking chair for nursery, it would be wise if you don’t swipe your credit card just yet. There are few aspects that you will need to consider before buying. When choosing a rocking chair, you should make sure that it has the following qualities:

  • Ensure that it is comfortable for you and the baby. Do not sacrifice comfort for style. Look for one that comes with wide, padded armrests to allow for better positioning for nursing.
  • It should allow you to easily get out of it. This means that it should be just the right size, and also provide enough support to enable you to stand up easily without disturbing your baby.
  • Choose a rocker that has a fabric that is stain resistant and easy to clean.
  • Consider safety features such as the stop-lock mechanism that prevents the chair from gliding when not in use.
  • Check the type of material used to make the chair to ensure that it will last long.


Finding the perfect rocking chair for nursery that you and your baby can be comfortable in doesn’t have to be a daunting task. There are limitless options for you to exploit and having the basic information about these types of chairs will help you a great deal in finding the most ideal one. Take your time to compare the different types of chairs that are available and choose the one that is fit for you, your baby and your budget.


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