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A New Garage Door Adds Top Value to Your Home

Updated on July 15, 2014
Give Your Home a Face Lift With a New Garage Door!  Try a Colored Door Instead of White.
Give Your Home a Face Lift With a New Garage Door! Try a Colored Door Instead of White. | Source

A National Association concludes that improvements to the exterior of your home improves the resale value, and rates as the most valuable project for home resale value. And when you install a new garage door you can expect to recoup above 80% once your home is sold.

Curb Appeal

Your home should reflect who you are. It should be appealing and attractive, especially to potential buyers if you are selling your home. When visitors comes to your home you want them to feel at home. And do you know that a garage door covers 30% of the exterior of your home.

Install a New Garage Door Yourself to Increase The Value of Your Home.
Install a New Garage Door Yourself to Increase The Value of Your Home. | Source

Insulated Garage Door

An insulated garage door vs. one that is not has it's pros and cons. First of all the cost factor: an insulated door will most likely cost more. But if you install it yourself, you will save money and get a better door.

Benefits of Insulated Garage Door

  • Keeps the cold out better
  • Locks in the coolness
  • More Durable
  • Quieter
  • The reward of completing a major project yourself

Garage Door Non Insulated Benefits

  • Less expensive
  • Improved Home Appearance
  • Lighter weight.

An insulated garage door wins all around.

Installing A Garage Door - Fastening The Hinge

A Cordless Drill Works Great

Use a cordless drill to secure the hinge to make your job secure. There wasn't always an option to get a cordless drill, you had to purchase one with a power cord.

You want to be able to move around freely when drilling the hinges in the door. Get a good drill so you can do a good job on this heavy duty project.

The New Garage Door - Final Stage of Installation.
The New Garage Door - Final Stage of Installation. | Source

Drum and Spring

The drum and the spring have to be adjusted satisfactorily so that there is enough tension to pull up the garage door. This process may take two, three, four or even six times to work.

Observing the entire process from beginning to end is very invigorating. There is a lot of hard work, muscle and sweat that goes into installing a new garage door.

Garage Door Colors

Popular colors for garage doors are: White, Neutral, Black, Brown and Grey. A white door is easy to find and more likely in stock than the brown door. A brown door looks like real wood, if you get a high quality one.

As you drive through your neighborhood, count the white doors, then count the brown ones, if any. White is very popular isn't it? But brown is rarely found, you may even have to go one or two blocks over to find a brown door.

What Is Your Budget For A Garage Door?

Don't skimp on your door if you don't have to. You regret it later. We bought an inexpensive inadequate door the first time we replaced our door, and it cost us more in the long run.

You know, those advertisements that come in the mail, they can be catchy. Different company's offer coupons for allowing them to install your garage door. Be ware of the cheapest price - "You pay for what you get."

What color is your garage door?

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Take A Risk On Choosing A Garage Door Color

Colors are more important than you think. Just because your neighbor has a white door, that doesn't require you to have one too. Think outside the box, and take a risk by choosing a color that suits you (within reason); a red door may be a little too bold and distract from the beauty of your home. So choose an attractive color that will give your home a boost, so that your home is unique, yet still appealing.

The main function of a garage door is for protection, home beautification and safety. The door protects your items from damage. The beauty of the door increases the resale value of your home. And the garage door provides a level of safety, separating you from the dangers of predators and animals.

To Purchase or Not

If you are going to sell your home soon, then purchase. If your garage door needs an overhaul or is in need of repair, then purchase. Lastly, for your own pleasure, do you find that your door takes away from your home or adds value?

Go ahead and inspire your neighbors to step up their game by improving your exterior by purchasing a brand new garage door!


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  • Treasuresofheaven profile image

    Sima Ballinger 3 years ago from Michigan

    Teaches12345, I can always count on you to be there, you are so generous for commenting on this hub. You make a good point about HOA's, they have to be considered. Thanks so much!

  • teaches12345 profile image

    Dianna Mendez 3 years ago

    I love colors when you can add them to your home. We tried to paint our garage door a light bronze but our HOA vetoed it down. It does add to the beauty of a home though.