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A New Walk In Shower Enclosure Will Enhance Your Home

Updated on November 23, 2010

Financial publications report that the world economy is in the midst of the most difficult financial situation it has faced in years. As a result, the sales of both new and previously-occupied homes are down significantly. Many people cannot afford to purchase a larger or better-located house. Rather than move, homeowners are remodeling and upgrading the homes in which they live.

A popular remodeling project is upgrading and beautifying the master bathroom. Replacing a grungy old tub with a sparkling new walk in shower enclosure is an excellent improvement that adds comfort, convenience, beauty and value to your home. Sometimes, it is even possible to add a corner shower enclosures where one has not existed before.

If you decide to improve your home with this kind of renovation, the first things you need to do are measure, research and plan. Should the addition be designed for one person at a time, or would you enjoy having space to accommodate two people simultaneously? Should it be constructed from glass panels, glass blocks or another material? Should it include a built-in seat? Which type of door do you want? All these and several other questions must be considered. If friends or family recently went through this same process in upgrading their bathrooms, they can give you some good information. Ask them to tell you about both the correct decisions and the mistakes they made. There is much to learn and to consider before you talk to a retailer or spend a penny.

If you expect to continue living in your home for many years, physical fitness and health questions must also be addressed. Often it is difficult for the elderly and the infirm to get down into or up out of a bathtub safely. These considerations may factor into your decision to upgrade your bathing facilities.

Some tips, ideas and information to assist in your planning will help it go more smoothly. If you decide on a double setup, first be sure the space available is large enough for two people to be able to move around. And a second shower head also needs to be installed, so one person is not left waiting and shivering.

There are a few different shapes available for your new bathing area that are functional and may bring some added interest to the room. They include the pentagon, curved and the quadrant, but the rectangle and the square are far more common.

The frameless shower enclosure has the benefit of making the bathroom appear larger. It is growing in popularity. Glass is not only the most popular material selected for shower enclosure doors. It is also the most popular material for the entire enclosure, no matter which shape is chosen. Whatever type of walk in shower enclosure you choose, it is sure to enhance your home.


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