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Quit Pickin' On Grass - Interesting Facts About Grass

Updated on March 5, 2013

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“That sounds about as fun as watching the grass grow.” For years, this saying has been used to describe the boring nature of a situation. However, the reality is that grass’ existence is far more fascinating and important than people may realize.

A considerable amount of the population is relying on grass to make a living or requesting for it to be maintained. There are more than 145,000 landscaping businesses in the U.S. alone and many experts see that number rising in the future. Really, what beats a well-manicured, silky smooth golf course? Well, except maybe the aroma of the freshly cut front yard of your own home.

Speaking of houses, some are built out of bamboo grass (yes, bamboo is a grass), especially popular in parts of Asia. And there are over 10,000 types of grasses, according to National Geographic. Some can withhold the bitter chills of the North Pole, while others chill out in the blazing sun at the center of the equator. In fact, some grass-related plants are so weather resistant they can live to be over 1,000 years old!

If it weren’t for the green (and sometimes multi-colored) stuff that covers much of the planet, life would likely be significantly different. Grass allowed cave men to become farmers rather than just hunters. Consequently, they were able to incorporate more nutrients into their diets, as well as providing further bartering possibilities. Also, the majority of modern animals, such as cows, deer, sheep and bison, all mainly live off of grass. These are the animals that many humans value as food sources, so without grass many of these creatures would not be able to survive. This would result in a harmful domino effect onto the human race.

While grass may not be the most exhilarating thing in the world, it has many essential purposes that people often take for granted and occasionally disrespect. So quit pickin’ on grass, or it will always be greener on the other side.


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