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A Quick and Easy Guide to Cleaning the Bathroom

Updated on February 1, 2011

Cleaning the bathroom is a chore few people like to do, so it usually either is begrudgingly done as you throw an internal tantrum (or, if you make your kids do it, you might get a genuine tantrum), or it gets put off until the room starts to get a bit funky.  Cleaning the bathroom doesn’t have to be such a dreaded chore, though.  By adding just a few minutes to your morning bathroom routine, you can clean your bathroom quickly and easily.  That’s one less chore to dread when you come home.

Clean the Shower the Quickest and Easiest Way

The quickest and easiest way to clean the shower/tub is with a Scrubbing Bubbles Automatic Shower Cleaner.  I love mine!  It keeps soap scum and mildew from forming just by pushing a button after your shower.  It doesn't get much quicker or easier than this!  However, see the next two steps if you'd rather spend a few minutes (less than five) each week rather than spend the money to buy one.

Clean Shower Doors

If you have shower doors, you know they can be a pain to clean.  Before you take your shower, spray down the inside of the doors with a cleaner.  I prefer a mixture of white vinegar and water (2 parts vinegar to 1 part water).  Let it sit for a few minutes before rinsing it off.  If you use vinegar, the rinsing is easy—just rinse it while you’re in the shower because the vinegar is harmless.  If you have a removable showerhead, it’s very easy to rinse.  Otherwise just use a cup of water or a damp cloth.  If you use a commercial cleaner, rinsing gets a bit more awkward, as it’s not an easy area to reach and you probably don’t want to bathe with the cleaner.  Do your best to rinse it with the showerhead, a cup of water, or a cloth you rinse out a few times.


If you have a shower curtain, throw the liner and curtain in the wash every month or two.  You can also spray the liner down with vinegar to help prevent mildew or soap scum from building up between washes.

Clean the Tub and Shower

After your shower, the walls and tub should be wet/damp.  Just spray a cleaner on the walls and tub.  I prefer Scrubbing Bubbles, but the vinegar solution will work, too.  Let it sit while you dry off, and then either spray the cleaner off with the showerhead or use a damp cloth or sponge.

Clean the Toilet

Brushing your teeth only takes one hand, so use the other hand to clean the toilet.  Flush the toilet, and then clean the toilet either using a cleaner and brush or, like me, the super-awesome, no-nasty-gunk-forming Clorox Easy Wand (Scrubbing Bubbles also has a similar product).

Clean the Sink

When you’re done with the sink, make sure it’s damp, and then spray it down with the vinegar solution or with another cleaner.  While you remove things from the counters, let the cleaner sit.  Then rinse it or wipe it down. 

Clean the Mirror

The mirror only takes a minute to clean.  Spray it with window cleaner or the vinegar solution.  Wipe it clean with paper towels, a rag, or crumpled newspaper.

Wipe It Down

Spray a rag with cleaner or vinegar solution and use it to wipe down the counters.  Then use it to wipe down the outside of the toilet.

Clean the Floor

A Swiffer makes it easy to clean the floors.  A dry cloth helps pick up hair from the floor.  Then use the wet cloth to “mop”.  (A broom and mop would work, but that wouldn’t be quick and easy.)

Grab the Garbage

If you keep a plastic bag (I reuse grocery bags for this) in the garbage can, you can grab it on your way out of the bathroom and drop it in the garbage on your way to the car.

Occasional Cleaning: Clean the Drains

 It's important to keep your drains cleaned to avoid clogs and bacterial build up.  At least once a month you should clean your drains.  The easiest (and probably most fun) and cheapest way is to use vinegar and baking soda.  This turns cleaning your drains into a science experiment!  Just dump some baking soda down the drain of your sink(s) and tub.  Then poor some white vinegar down the drain.  It will fizz for a while.  When all the fizzing is done, just flush the drain with hot water.

15 Minutes to a Clean Bathroom

These steps should add less than 15 minutes to your morning routine, and then there’s one less chore to do when you get home.


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