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A Review of the T-fal UltraGlide - Best Steam Iron

Updated on March 7, 2016
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Ms. Monae is always looking for the best affordable products that deliver on what they promise. Gifts and such that make you smile. :)

A Review of the T-fal UltraGlide Easycord Steam Iron (FV4446)

First I must tell you that ironing is one of my least favorite things in the world to do. If I could buy an iron that actually did the ironing, I would make monthly payments on it. Seriously I do not like to iron. I even purchase clothing that needs very little ironing. With that being said I have found an excellent steam iron. The T-fal Ultraglide Easycord steam iron is the best steam iron I've ever owned.

T-fal UltraGlide Easycord Steam Iron FV4446
T-fal UltraGlide Easycord Steam Iron FV4446

How My Iron Obsession Started

Why do I dislike the whole ironing thing. It's tedious and I'd just rather be doing something productive. Those are my excuses. The real truth is that when I was a teenager up early one morning getting ready for school, I had iron my outfit. My clothes were usually ironed and laid out for the next day the night before. On this particular morning they weren't because I was exhausted when I got in the night before from work. I was so tired I couldn't even get the ironing board out. I put a towel on the floor and started to iron my blouse. Less than one minute in I somehow managed to get that iron a little too close to my leg. Yep a reminder for life. You can actually see the iron tip shape on my leg! Thank God it's small and faint. So from that day forward ironing has always been my enemy and obsession.

The Hunt for a Special Iron

Because of my iron history, I always take using an iron and buying one very seriously. I feel like if I have the best iron maybe I'll never burn myself again. I have educated myself on irons, from the safety precautions while using, all the way to the cost of electricity. The iron has become one of my many little obsessions.

When I started my iron shopping adventure. I read many reviews online because I wanted the best iron on the market. Little did I know the rest of the world is not as obsessed as I am. Most people just want something that gets hot and gets most of the wrinkles out. That's not me. I wasn't just shopping for an iron, but for a leg protector that would be around for a long time unless it let me down. This iron had to have all the bells and whistles and a good reputation and style!

I kept reading for a couple of days before I decided to purchase the T-fal UltraGlide Easycord FV4446 because of it's excellent features and good reviews.

T-fal UltraGlide Easycord Steam Iron FV4446

Ultraglide Ceramic nonstick soleplate
Powerful burst of steam (60-gram/min)
Scratch resistant and nonstick
Easycord exit system
3-way auto-off feature
Self-cleaning technology with the calc-recollecting valve
The iron produces continuous steam (up to 30gm/min)
1700W steam iron
1 year limited warranty

T-fal UltraGlide Easycord Steam Iron FV4446

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T-fal UltraGlide Easycord FV4446
T-fal UltraGlide Easycord FV4446
T-fal UltraGlide Easycord FV4446 | Source

Two Thumbs Up and a Snap!

My new T-fal UltraGlide Easycord steam iron is so awesome. My best iron purchase ever. It's sleek and sexy and boy does it heat up fast! The steam is just right and doesn't wet my clothes. It leaves them nicely pressed. The wrinkles come out so easily. I also love the easycord once I figured out what that meant. So much better than that retractable thing that use to try to slap me in the face. I am very pleased and happy with this iron. This doesn't mean I'm going to iron more, but I will enjoy the ironing process more. So when choosing an iron make sure it fits your needs even if they are a little eccentric.

My Second Choice was the T-fal Ultraglide FV4476

  • Ultraglide CERAMIC soleplate with lifetime warranty.
  • Scratch resistant
  • Iron produces continuous steam (up to 35-gram per minute),
  • Powerful burst of steam (80-gram/min)
  • Easycord exit system
  • 3-way auto-off feature
  • Dual self-cleaning technology with the calc-recollecting valve /anti-drip system
  • 1 year limited warranty

5 out of 5 stars from 1 rating of T-fal UltraGlide Easycord Steam Iron


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