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Reusable Drinking Straws - Acrylic, Glass, and Stainless Steel

Updated on June 23, 2014
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Why Buy Non-Disposable Drinking Straws?

Why Buy Non-Disposable Drinking Straws? The real question you should be asking is "why not?", because we don't usually buy disposable silverware, glasses, or dishes for day to day use. Granted, they do have their place in our lives, and we'd sorely miss plastics plates during large picnics and get-togethers, but who'd want to buy plastic spoons for every day meals?

The same theory can be applied to plastic drinking straws. If you're like me, you use them nearly every day to drink your daily soda. Unhealthy, I know, but I can at least prevent some sugar from coming into contact with my teeth by drinking through a straw. That's my Mom's theory, and I guess the habit just carried itself over to me.

I personally am not a big save-the-earth-and-go-green type of guy. However, if I can prevent some trash by doing simple stuff like buying reusable drinking straws, I do. Also, I don't like to have to worry about them getting holes and cracks when I stick them into my pocket or happen to bend them.

So if you think about it, the real question truly is "why not?". It's a win - win situation in my humble opinion!

Reusable Stainless Steel Straws

Here are some pretty cool looking stainless steel straws. These straws will obviously be very hard to destroy, so you're not going to be buying replacements any time soon. They also come with brushes, one for each straw, so people can easily clean the insides, without having to worry about gunk getting permanently stuck inside it.

The brushes are why I listed these first, because I suspect it's the main reason why most people don't buy straws that are not meant to be thrown away. Straws are infamously hard to clean, and if you do not have the proper tools (i.e. straw brushes) to properly sanitize them from the inside out, than pretty soon they start looking pretty disgusting.

Also notable is that the top is a little bent. This is done to mimic the plastic straws, which can be bent at an angle so you can use them a bit easier.

Colored Acrylic Straws With a Brush

I personally think the stainless steel straws look pretty cool, but perhaps you want something a little more colorful. There is nothing wrong with that, and I must say that the straws in the photo to the right are awesome. If you have one of those acrylic glasses with a lid these will work perfectly as replacements, and they even have a small notch towards the end to prevent the straw from slipping out of the lids.

The link to the right will take you to a set of 8 straws. However, there is only one brush included, so you might want to buy more brushes separately so you have extras handy in case you destroy or lose one of them!

Clear Acrylic Straws - Set of 6

For those people who want to be able to see if a straw is clean for sure, here's the set for you. They're made a clear acrylic, and the set that is pictured to the right are a set of 6.

Note however that the set doesn't come with a cleaning brush, so you'll have to buy them separately. There is a set of straw brushes further below.

Reusable Straws for Bubba Mugs

These straws are made specifically for Bubba Mugs. However, that doesn't mean they can't be used for anything else. These straws are larger than most, and so can easily be used to drink thick smoothies..

They also aren't made of acrylic, because some customers have said that you can bend them to fit into a smaller hole. While these straws won't be quite as indestructible as stainless steel ones, they still are considered reusable.

Reusable Glass Straws for the Elegant

If you want something a bit more elegant than brightly colored acrylic straws, try these high-end Dharma glass straws. Here's a set of four, and they do come with a brush. These straws aren't cheap, and are made real glass, therefore are not really ideal for little kids! They are better used for sipping wine at your homemade bar, or on a hot date, when you come home and do a little martini drinking!

Extra! Extra! Read All About it!

The following links are some extra stuff I thought people might interested in seeing. Included here are some of the cheapest straw brushes I could find. They're a pack of four, so hopefully these will last a while.

Also included are some acrylic glasses with lids. They look fairly standard, although they are very vibrantly colored.


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