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A Simple Way To Get Wax Out Of Carpet

Updated on September 19, 2011

Oops!!! So you spilled some wax on your carpet. Shame on you. No, not really, I've done it myself a couple of times. It is perfectly normal. A common mistake even.

The wax just gets on your hand and your first reaction is to just let go. Hopefully, your traditional candle is no longer lit, otherwise we'd be talking about a different problem since traditional candles start around 18,000 house fires per year!

Let's just assume there's no fire involved. There, now my heart can stop pumping. Your traditional candle is laying on the carpet, or if you have a Scentsy Warmer, it is the bowl that you just dropped. (Hopefully, you have not broken your beautiful warmer!). Now the wax is on the carpet, and it is drying very quickly, so run! Do something! eh? No, you don't have to hurry either. It is actually better if you just let it set for just a few minutes before doing something about it.

So what do you do, you ask? It's very simple really. You are going to need a couple of tools. I'm not talking power tools either, since you won't be cutting out the carpet.

Here's what you need:

1. An Iron
2. Paper Towels
3. Trash Can
4. Stain Remover (Maybe)
5. Cloth Towel (Only if you need the stain remover)

Okay, so now that you have the tools in hand, let's prepare. Plug in the iron, and be quite careful to not put it directly on the carpet, not even standing up. Use something solid and flat that can hold the iron because although this method will get rid of your wax nightmare, it will not get rid of an iron shaped burn on your carpet.

Once you have the iron plugged in, set it first at its lowest setting. You may need to increase the heat, but only and only if you absolutely have to. This is a game of patience and so you will have to wait. Next, tear off two sheets of paper from your roll of paper towels. It is preferable that you use one of the better name brands that are usually thicker. If you use the cheaper brands that are quite thin, you may have to triple up.

Depending on how much wax is on your carpet, you may need only that many paper towels. If you spilled a significant amount, you may have to prep two, three or maybe four or more sets of folded paper towels to get the job done. Again, this is a game of patience, so take your time.

Okay, so you have your iron warmed, your paper towels doubled or tripled up, and you have a trash can by your side. Now what? Well, by this time, the wax is pretty much hardened and as I mentioned a couple of times, you will need the patience and the time to get the job done.

Let's begin. Lay your paper towel directly on top of the wax spill. Make sure the spill is directly in the middle of the paper towels that you are using. Now, with the iron, at its lowest setting, you will place it directly on top of those papertowels. Try it for only a few seconds at a time. Lift it up, and see the magic start to work. The iron at this point is heating up the wax again. It is melting it and the paper towels are acting as a wick. You will see the wax begin to seep through the paper towels, and this is when you know that you must replace those paper towels with another set of new towels.

Keep repeating this process until all of the wax is out of the carpet. At one point, it is going to be impossible to remove anymore of the wax from your carpet, but it will be a minimal amount that will be left. Hopefully you do not have a white carpet, and if you do, for your sake, I hope the wax that you spilled was white as well.

You will probably end up with a stain, but not a very visible one. Give the wax one more round of heat with a paper towel. If you have a stain, immediately after you lift the iron, spray the stain remover in small amounts and begin to gently scrub with the cloth towel. Keep repeating the process until your fingers fall off, or the stain is gone (Please don't let your fingers fall off. That was a joke).

Well, there you have it. Now you know how to effectively remove wax from your carpet or rug. By the way, the only reason a bowl from a beautiful Scentsy Warmer should ever fall out of your hands is because it was just too hot to hold. So please use precaution when lifting a hot bowl. Also, the only reason the hot bowl should ever be lifted is to pour the wax back into its original container, so that you can use a different scent. Yes, Scentsy wax is reusable! Make sure you seal it tight, and you can even freeze it for later use. It's not necessary, but I like to do it. They seem to last longer in storage that way. Happy cleaning!


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