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A list of the worlds most poisonous plants

Updated on October 19, 2012
The poison hemlock plant
The poison hemlock plant

Plant knowledge is very important

Well its been a long time since i have been on here to do a hub page so i decided i wanted to join the community again and get doing some informational and interesting hubs so i was looking in my back yard and i thought i wonder if my rose plant is poisonous and then i came up with the idea for doing this hub. I personally dont know anybody that has been poisoned by plants myself but this list could come in handy for some body out there one day so here goes a list of plants that could be deadly to humans and animals alike.

Poison oak- We have all heard of this plant which has been mistaken by many people walking through forests and woods much to there dismay. This plant is mostly found in Canada and the Americas but can also be found in Guatemala and is sometimes grown as an ornamental plant the plant is a climber which is why people like it as ornamental. the plant has tooth like leaves which are very velvety and is hairy underneath the flowers are a greenly white colour and grows waxy like berry fruits everything on this plant is very poisonous even the pollen and sap so if you do have an encounter with this nasty monster go straight to the nearest A&E department. here is a story i found on a forum no copyright intended moderators

I will get us started...
Drove 5-6 hours north to go one a canoe trip with about 1/2 dozen of us. Stayed in a hotel that night and went to the local watering hole for some grub and draft. The next morning a few of us had the squirts but emptied ourselves before hitting the water. One of the guys with us had never been camping and about an hour after dipping the paddle he had to go...BAD! We pulled of the side of the lake and he ran up to thread the needle.

Well the next day he had blisters everywhere...EVERYWHERE. Turns out he wiped himself with poison ivy.

We cut the trip short and by the time we got out, back to the truck and back into town hospital he was not doing so well. He had to be hospitalized for a few days and put on iv antibiotics be cause he actually had it internal as well in the region. (The jokes write themselves...put on iv...poison ivy....ok...just me).

He was okay and he know what poison ivy looks like. Never went camping again.

Story source is-

Watch this video i found on poison oak it may help you understand

Coantie- this plant is native to sunny Florida and the west indies and is a very common plant mainly used as ornamental in the house. The plant is palm looking and has pin-nae leaves and has a tubular looking trunk which can not be easily mistaken the poison in this plant comes from the tuber trunk this particular plant comes from the zamia family and is classed as an irritant and also causes many other symptoms including burns in the throat (ouch) and stomach, nausea, thirst, vomiting, fatigue and shock i know what some of you are thinking as well that is one nasty plant but as i go on in the list you are going to find out that there are far worser plants and are probably going to feel ill just reading this hub page (joking) no pun intended.

Hemlock- this plant is mainly native to Europe, Asia and north Africa and can even be found in North america and the south the west indies and various other countries this weed likes to live in the woods and likes it damp as well the weed is biennial and has umbrella white flowers and this plant comes from the umbellate family but i will tell you something very important know dont mess with this nasty horrible plant because you may well regret it as it is often fatal when ingested and all parts of the plant are extremely poisonous leaving my mind in no doubt that this could be a pet killer if it grew in your garden.

Angel's wings- Also has the nickname (elephants ears) because of the dumbo like leaves that grow from them. This plant is one of many plants that is what is called as a hybrid which has been developed from tropical american species and is found in most homes nowadays This plant is another tuberous looking plant and is a perennial which comes from the arum family and comes in many various colour's that are appeasing to the eye but looks can be deceiving as all parts of this plant are poisonous so take care when handling symptoms of poisoning include burning in the throat and stomach, vomiting, thirst and then shock.

Flamingo Flower- This beautiful looking plant is mainly found in north america and is also used as a houseplant it is a perennial and has dark lance shaped leaves it as scarlet colored spathes and has golden yellow shoots at the center every part of this plant is extremely toxic.

Swiss cheese plant- With a name like this you may be wondering if i have put this plant in the wrong place as a poisonous plant but names can be deceiving so listen to this advice this plan t is common in Mexico and central america and is also used as a houseplant because of the beauty of it. Very evergreen looking which has big glossy leaves and arum like flowers and green club shaped fruits every single part of this plant is poisonous, but i read somewhere that when the fruits are overripe they are edible but do not try it without seeking advice from a professional botanist first of which i am not.

All information in this hub has been researched and written in my own words i hope you have enjoyed reading my hub. Many plants and trees have been around for thousands if millions of years and a lot of trees and plants are very beautiful but you should always remember that they may be poisonous. Trees and plants are the life line of this planet in which i mean they suck up CO2 and turn it into precious oxygen which we breathand all over the world they are being destroyed which in turn is slowly taking away our way of getting rid of factory emissions and car emissions our carbon footprint is growing every day.One day it may be too late the other magical thing about plants that we learn everyday is they have been used as home remedies and some plants are used as homeopathic remedies and turned into medicine a lot of people already know this but i thought that i would give it a little mention anyway the drug aspirin comes from the willow plant and the chemical is called salicin and is used for well a lot of things but was first used for the relief of headaches and muscle and joint stiffness. Nowadays you will notice that aspirin is used for heart attack and stroke patients this is because of the blood thinning properties it has. I also read in the news somewhere lately that aspirin is being researched in the use of cancer. It was the Bayer company that came up with the name aspirin. I love plants and always have had a fascination with them and my back yard is full of them they make an empty place look better. Thank you for the people that took time out to read my hub please leave any comments they would be much appreciated and i hope it has been informational for you until next time goodbye.

Has anybody ever had a bad experience with a poisonous plant of any kind....?

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Any comment would be much appreciated

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