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How to spruce up those wardrobe doors

Updated on December 8, 2014

Views from the balcony

A view from every window
A view from every window

Views all around

We moved into our villa in Jalon, Alicante, Spain around 2000, and hired a car for a few weeks until we settled for one of our own - intent on scouring the area - intent on fitting in. We were dead pleased with the place. It was quite new, had all mod cons, bright new fitments, and wonderful views from every window – wow!

Very chic

As usual, being human, the shine eventually rubbed off – we’re not satisfied for long are we? It isn’t that we didn’t appreciate what we had any more – it’s just that certain things could be found everywhere – like those beautiful wardrobes of ours.

Oh what a novelty it was when we moved in – fitted wardrobes in every bedroom, very spacious, very chic… loved them to bits .... except that every other villa we visited had almost the same thing….

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All new constructions seem to plumb for bright new pine bedroom fitments and doors – probably easiest to find – cheapest – offends no one. The older villas must have gone through a similar process, except they opted for dark stained ‘Castillian’ doors – giving a flavour of Old Alicante to the villa – great – but once again, all the same.

I don’t same, I do unique. I like someone to come into my home and see something they don’t have in their home. So, the only way to achieve it is by customisation.

Pinewood wardrobe doors
Pinewood wardrobe doors

Make it unique

There isn’t the range of DIY stuff available over here like there is in the UK – it doesn’t seem to be as popular. However, I discovered some wonderful fretted plywood in one of the ferreterías - ironmongers to you. I decided to make panel inserts for each door, put on new doorknobs and thus create unique fitments.

It’s always difficult to cut a panel to exactly fit into another panel, so the easiest way around it is to hide it - insert wood mouldings around the edge to cover each joint. Now that's something that can be found over here - wood mouldings - great.

Fretted plywood panel
Fretted plywood panel

The result

Give the doors a lick of paint -  cool.

Well at least we think so - at least it's different! Not to everyone's taste I suppose, but that's what being individual means - doing your own thing - displaying your own savoir faire. Try it sometime. You might just surprise yourself.

New look doors
New look doors


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