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A surprising encounter

Updated on January 6, 2012

As busy as always rushing in and out of the kitchen tending to small children and spilt yoghurt. There was nothing out of the ordinary this morning.

I closed a cupboard door, put a wrapper in the bin, rinsed through a beaker, then noticing a sniffle coming, peered into the laundry basket and pulled out a hanky. I took the linen cloth to my nose and began to blow, when suddenly what seemed like a needle becan to push into my skin. Thinking there must have been something sharp inside the hanky, I tried to move my thumb a little bit so I could continue blowing. It is a motion that needs to completed in one standing, (such as having a wee, you can't stop halfway through, with a view to carrying on later)

Anyhow, even though my thumb moved, the sharpness seemed to increase in pressure until I thought perhaps blood would be drawn. Pulling the hankerchief from my nose, to my horror i saw an earwig with its pincers firmly clasped into my thumb.

The hanky, and earwig found the floor and the latter escaped unharmed as he slipped quickly under the washing machine.

My squirm-worthy opponent
My squirm-worthy opponent

I am not a appreciator of bugs at the best of times and this did little to appeal to my 'good' nature, However, my respect for that earwig did increase, as it successfully took me on and won.

Of course I'm not dead, or even slightly reeling from my injury, but that moment stuck hard with me as it hurt and it was unpleasant.

The way that Elephants dance out of the way of mice, some of us do ridiculous things when confronted by tiny and relatively harmless creatures. I have been known to wasp dance as well as swear profusely at the sight of a bigger than average spider.

These tiny creatures can cause us to stop, they can make us yell or feel afraid or repulsed. Now for such a mini creature to have such an effect is...well....commendable.

It's interesting that for all we as humans have evolved so effectively with the capabilities to study into our universe and create incredible technologies. We can still have our noses put out of joint by insects who are alarmingly effective at finding their way into our lives.

Apes swat at flies like they always did. We too have not changed our nature of disliking flies and beasties that choose to walk on us or sting us. Wild beasts however are contained, the risk to our lives has been significantly reduced by management and prevention. But mosquitos still happily drink our blood as they always have. I predict they always will.

Hey I wonder if the queen has ever been pinched by an earwig?

Now call me ignorant but I never realised that earwigs actually used their pincers for combat. I always assumed they were merely for show. This is why I'm attaching a poll to see if it really is that common an occurance to be 'got' by an earwig. Well I guess that little earwig under my washing machine taught me 2 lessons at once!

Earwig poll

Have you ever been pinched by an earwig?

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    • Paraglider profile image

      Dave McClure 5 years ago from Kyle, Scotland

      Oh yes, bedbugs too!

    • Talisker profile image

      Honor Meci 5 years ago from UK

      ...........Tell me you haven't? (eaten an earwig)

      Wasps, Roaches and perhaps bedbugs??

    • Paraglider profile image

      Dave McClure 5 years ago from Kyle, Scotland

      Earwigs are kind of OK, except when you ingest one by mistake, sucking the nectar from a nasturtium flower. Wasps and roaches bring out the killer in me. ;)