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A very classy garden basket for a classy gardening perfectionist

Updated on December 23, 2011
Garden Basket From Cottage Craft Works. COM
Garden Basket From Cottage Craft Works. COM

A gift for the gardener who has everything

Whether, they are a Master Gardener, a hobby gardener, or a serious vegetable and flower grower, they all will appreciate the beauty and functionality of this wire mesh garden basket from Cottage Craft Works. COM

Inspired by the French and British version of the garden Hod, these wood and wire Amish handcrafted garden baskets will add a touch of class to any gardeners table. Designed with a plastic coated wire mesh, the garden basket provides convenient collection of fresh vegetables and flowers from the garden, and then allowing them to be rinsed off before taking them into the home.

During the spring the garden basket doubles as a garden tool and seed tote, but is as useful around the garden and home to tote a variety of items. The Hod was transitioned over to the North Eastern settlements by the British and used for clamming and other bounties form the sea shore as well as gardening, so this is a very versatile basket for any home.

Cottage Craft Works .COM offers a small, medium and large version of the garden basket, with several popular stained, varnished, or painted versions.

The garden basket can be personalized with an engraved name plate, making it a perfect gift with long lasting memories. It makes a great retirement, birthday or other special occasion to mark a time in a person’s life, that just so happens to enjoy gardening.

You can purchase the garden basket at Cottage Craft Works. COM

Cottage Craft Works host over 3000 heirloom quality products made by skilled crafts people from the small cottage based business from all across the USA. Many of the products come directly from the Amish communities, while others come from small business shops. Most crafts people have acquired their trade and talents handed down from generations and are now are in the second and third generation family owned business, which was and still is the backbone of American made products.


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