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A wholesome guide about maintaining your Kid’s Bed nimbly

Updated on August 8, 2016

It is rightly said that nothing in this world, is as healing as a child’s soul. In the world full of tragedies and thwarts, you can see all the negativity leaving your zone, as soon as a smiling baby enters to lighten up your world with his smile. Off course, everybody loves kids, because of the purity, this tiny human being has, in every feeling he showcases us. Being parents, we want to make them learn all the good things; that will help them all throughout their lives. It is vital to inculcate some healthy qualities in them so that they keep practicing those, while they grow up. So that, when they become adults, those qualities become their habits, and they turn up to be a perfect gentleman or a lady.
A child’s personality can be thought of like clay, which is used to make the earthen pots. The better you dab the clay, the better is the design of your pot. Similarly, the qualities you teach to your baby today dictates his personality as a grown up. So, hygiene comes first, when you have to make a list of what all good basic etiquette that you should feed your child with. When your baby turns into a 5 or 6-year-old baby, you must try to make it possible, to buy a separate bed for them. This would be an initiating step in the process of their growth as a responsible citizen.
As we know, it is well said that “Charity begins at home.”. The reason behind separating our human teddies away from us is that doing this you can make them learn the importance of taking care of their beds. Letting them do their things, will encourage their imaginations and will help them to break the walls and think boundlessly. They will find ways to finish those tasks that you allotted them so that they can spare time for playing. They might finish those tasks in a very, very weird way, but believe me, it is their definition of perfect.
Usually, many children have a habit of cluttering their room with their toys in such a way that it looks none less than a crime drama plot. But I have brought to you some simple steps that can help your baby to sort that mess in just a few minutes.

For Babies

Read the following, and help them learn a quick and easy trick to de-clutter their kid’s room:

Every thing off the bed

Irrespective of how messy and filthy the room looks now, just take a deep breath and throw all the mess on the floor. You might think, whether this article is going to help you de-clutter the room or multiplying the mishmash. But, trust me, it is going to work. The aim is to make the kid’s bed in the first place and thus making a mega move. Because we know, the bed is the most evident part of our room, so once it is clean, almost half of the cleaning task is over.

Make the bed

After all the mess is off the bed, just dust the bed sheet, or even better, if you just change the bed sheet. Place the pillows and the duvets properly in place. Ah! You might wish just to jump on the bed and go for long hours of sleep. But wait! This will motivate you to continue the autopsy, oops! CLEANING.

Bring all the clothes from the mess on to the bed

Since, right now your floor is littering with the toys, wrapper, candies and trash and what not! So, just pull up, all the clothes, be it dirty or clean, back on the bed. Yeah, you just cleaned it, but do not worry, you will thank me later. Do it steadily, until all the fabric and towels and napkins are back on the bed. This way, you have segregated a complicated pile of mess, into two better-sorted piles.

Gather the important things next

Moving on to the next step, the litter on the floor must now be segregated into evenly related clusters, and then place them in their respective drawers or baskets. Pick up everything that is important to you and place them inside the respective baskets or drawers. You can see, now, that the floor is left with rubbish only. You are done with three-fourth part of the cleaning process.

Remove the filth and unnecessary things

Get rid of that unwanted garbage. You might now be feeling so proud of yourself. So, you have made all the space for the fresh air to come inside.

Fold your clothes in a tidy way

Remember the dirty bundle of clothes, your baby just threw on his bed? It is time to sort clothes for the laundry and fold the tidy ones and stack them back appropriately.

Making your kid learn this process of cleaning his bedroom, is a tough job, but then at the end of the day, some help is better than no help. The way they clean the kid’s bed might be enough for the first time, and by practicing it regularly, they will do it better.

For mommies:

Now if still, there are some babies, who are still not ready to take up the charge of cleaning their rooms, give them some time. We know you are a pro at doing this, but I can suggest you some ways to clean your kid’s bedroom, in easy as pie ways:

Timely Flip

Sleeping on the same spot in the same position can create wallows inside your mattress, so it would be better if you keep flipping the mattress of your kid’s bed up and down and left and right, so that, it loses its puff evenly.

No bouncing

Do not allow your monkeys to jump on the bed. This can render the spring of the mattress in a real bad condition. These baby gymnasts can break the kid’s bed frame and cause it to rupture unnecessarily.

Use a mattress cover

Baby’s have a habit of peeing in the bed, because of the nightmares they might dream of. This habit can not be got rid of overnight, so in the best case, just try to use the mattress pads and cover the mattress. The absorbed moisture will make your kid’s bed stink bad, so change the cover often.


Vacuuming sucks up all the dust mites and skin flakes and makes the bed look clean and fresh. Every time you rotate the bed, you must make it a point to vacuum it before the use. This kills the germs and makes a hygienic bed for your baby. Regular vacuuming also takes the odor off the mattress.

No stains and allergens

The most crucial task is to prevent the accumulation of allergens that can cause your baby to wake up with puffy eyes or running nose. Due to humidity and varying temperatures, mites get clustered inside the mattresses and start multiplying. These mites then defecate there itself, thus making the bed utterly unhygienic. As a matter of fact, more than 40% of a decade old mattress is comprised of mites and their leavings. This makes it even more imperative to take necessary steps to curb the growth of this unwanted filth.

One way to solve this problem is to use the pillows, and other bed linens make of synthetic material. You must also, not let the pets sleep on your beds because their dander is also a major reason behind the allergies. Make sure you clean the bed regularly, especially when the spring is about to arrive because that is their favorable season to spread the riot.

Clean bedding and no teddies

Stuffed soft toys are something no one can hate. But they can safeguard all the mites just like our mattress does. In fact, some kids have a habit of hugging their teddies to sleep, which, I think, should be condemned immediately if your baby is prone to allergies.

To maintain the overall hygiene of the kid’s bedroom, you must make sure that the place is kept cool and is debarred from humidity. This is because low temperatures make the mites dormant for a longer duration of time. So, take the help of the above-mentioned solutions and let your kid have a happy bed!


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