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Updated on March 17, 2010

A New Wine Concept For Wine Lovers.

 Wine by the glass: sharing the asset
EnWelcome to the world of Enomatic!

Imagine if you could taste any wine you wanted by walking into a wine – bar and finding not just the usual two or three bottles to taste, but eight, sixteen or even a hundred wines all waiting to be discovered.

Imagine if you could choose a wine to buy, not because of its label or because someone told you about it, but because you tasted it and you liked it. At enomatic, that’s what we imagined too. Now, after careful research and scientific discovery we have developed a solution that has turned our imagination into reality: Enomatic Wine Serving Systems.

omatic systems dispense wine directly from the bottle using revolutionary inert gas preservation. The flavors and characteristics of the wine remain intact for more than three weeks, as if the bottle had just been opened.

With portion control technology, Enomatic allows wine establishments to created extended wine by the glass or tasting menus which are enticing to customers and allow business to maximize servings while
eliminating waste.

A wide range of Enomatic models and options are available to suit any wine environment:

enoline: a 4 or 8 bottle a linear dispenser (1 to 3 pours). It is the most popular model thanks to its versatility; room temperature , refrigerated and /or climate controlled ; with or without wine card
enoround: a self- serving dispenser (1 or 3 pours) at room temperature for 16 bottles on a circular base
enomove: a mobile dispenser (3 pours) for 8 bottles on a trolley. Also available in the “dual” version (4 room temperature bottles + 4 refrigerated bottles)
enomodule: an 8 bottle customized system (1 or 3 pours) assembled to create a continous line of bottles

All the Enomatic systems dispensers have the same standard features

protection and conservation of wine thanks to food nitrogen;
computer programming that allows the poured volume to be set
automatic self-cleaning of the pouring spouts after each pour, guaranteeing maximum hygiene;
individual lodging of bottles, allowing to adapt to different heights and sizes;
electronic back lit buttons
It is also possible to choose from a wide range of options and systems (with or without wine card) which makes them adaptable and usable to whatever your requirements may be.

A New Way To Taste Wine

Tasting wine at it's best
Tasting wine at it's best

Wine tasting of the future.

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