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Black & Decker Lids Off Jar Opener

Updated on January 14, 2011

Click Here to Buy Black & Decker Lids Off Jar Opener


“Since I have arthritis in my thumbs, having this jar opener is a Godsend. It’s so easy to use and painless. I haven’t had any jar that couldn’t be opened by this unit. It also looks nice on my kitchen counter.”

“I bought this for my aging parents and they absolutely love it. Since they are pretty weak in their old age, they cannot open jars anymore. Using this unit, they are able to open any jar now. I highly recommend this to the older generation or anyone that finds opening jars to be painful.”

“Due to my arthritis, I couldn’t open jar lids anymore. Every time I tried to open a lid, my hands would hurt bad. My friend recommended this electric jar opener and I bought it on Amazon. This is truly a lifesaver. Now I don’t have to call on someone to help me open jars. This machine does it all for you at a push of a button."

If you have been having problems opening jar lids then you may want to get the Black & Decker Lids Off Jar Opener. With this device you don’t need to strain yourself just to open a jar. Even the toughest lids don’t stand a chance to this jar opener.

To use the Black & Decker Lids Off Jar Opener, simply put the jar you are trying to open into the machine. Press the start button and the lid is twisted off. It is very easy to use and saves a lot of time. Once you put the jar into the machine, you can go about doing other things. In a moment the lid would be twisted off. This device is especially useful for those whose hands just don’t have the strength due to medical reasons like arthritis. You can fit many different sized jars in it.


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