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Which is the one for you-Wooden Venetian Blinds or Aluminium Venetian Blinds?

Updated on June 6, 2011

Venetian blinds are the most versatile types of blind which is best for a window covering and are more gorgeous than curtains or other blinds. They are easy to clean, maintain and install. They suit to any kind of windows from large windows to small windows and even in the bathroom.

Once you've decided that the Venetian blind is the one you want to fit in your home or office, you are then given the choice of wooden or aluminium blinds and the choices then become complex.

Aluminium Venetian Blind
Aluminium Venetian Blind
Wooden Venetian Blind
Wooden Venetian Blind

The most difficult part is to choose whether Wooden Venetian Blinds or Aluminium Venetian Blinds. Here are some pros and cons which may help you to choose between the two and to know about both the products a bit.

For light, airy, normal looking rooms keep the idea going with wooden blinds. You have to choose a lighter wood to enhance the ambiance. If your room is darker, with big, leather furniture then choose wooden blinds but choose a color that goes well with your room. These are very elegant looking and are very expensive. These are made from many assorted woods. Wooden Venetian Blinds comes in 50mm slat size in different colors like Oboe-7000, Cornetta 7005, Ocarina 7020, and Cedar-4025.Wooden Venetian Blinds are produced from waterproof materials.

Advantages of Wooden Venetian Blinds

  • It is perfect if you want privacy.
  • Keeps the room atmosphere cozy.
  • Installation is very easy and easy to use.
  • Due to its look it adds class and elegance to any room.
  • It is available in different colors. So can match almost any furniture or hard wood floor choice.
  • Blocks the UV rays and sun heats well.
  • They are not heavy weighted.

Disadvantages of Wooden Venetian Blinds

  • The biggest reason not to consider choosing wooden Venetian blinds is the price. Usually, this type is the most costly of all the blinds available.
  • Wooden Venetian blinds have a tendency to be spoiled a little easier than some of the alternatives on the market.

Some complain about its look that it looks like just a wood.

An aluminium Venetian blind would work for modern rooms. It comes in different shades of colors. For bathrooms the choice is aluminium as it is easy to clean and won't deform over time with constant contact to water in the air.

Advantages of Aluminium Venetian Blinds

  • They are durable, fashionable and very economical.
  • They are the great way to zing up the window coverings.
  • These blinds can give your home the look that you have always wanted.
  • You can get different shades.
  • They can provide different levels of secrecy for different rooms in your home.
  • They are less expensive than your average wooden blinds.
  • They can fit to any size of windows.
  • They are also remote control operated.
  • They can block the Ultra Violet rays and heat well.

Disadvantages of Aluminium Venetian Blinds

The only disadvantage with this blind is that the metal is a very good conductor for heat and cold. This fact makes it a poor option as the heat or cold air can easily take up into its metal and then will be released to the surrounding. Especially in extreme temperature countries this disadvantage will be a problem. Now, read more about made to measure venetian blinds.


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      6 years ago

      I think aluminium venetian blinds is preferable to me afterall quality is my fast priority.


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