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About Pool Heaters

Updated on June 18, 2013

As swimming pools become more and more popular amongst the wealthy or those fortunate enough to afford their own one, people are realizing that their newly installed pools, either indoors or out, require one more piece of the puzzle to become complete. That piece of the puzzle is a pool heater, and it is something that should most definitely not be overlooked, not only for its ability to make a swimming pool warm, but to make it stylish and fashionable too.

Firstly, the two main benefits of a pool heater are things to take notice of, as they can take an average or drab swimming pool and turn it into something that you usually only see in 5 star luxury hotels, or millionaires’ mansions. Indeed, a pool heater can very importantly help you to enjoy your pool all year round, without worrying about the temperature both inside and out. Many pool cleaners also look fantastically stylish too. Gone are the days when a pool heater used to look like a radiator simply shoved into a swimming pool. In today’s high speed, high tech world, even swimming pool heaters look amazingly sleek and complex at the same time, and often add to whatever type of design your pool actually is.

So, if we look at the costs for a pool heater, we will see that they are, in essence, actually incredibly affordable. They start at around $2500, with this price affording you a pretty decent piece of kit, and ensuring that you will receive something modern. In retrospect, a price such as this really isn’t much, when you factor in the time you will be able to spend in your swimming pool with an actual pool heater. If you think about it, you cannot usually use your pool for at least half of the year (through winter), but having a pool heater regulating the temperature of your pool actually opens up this whole half of the year, meaning that you have virtually lots more time to enjoy it. Amazingly enough, an investment in a pool heater can potentially repay you in not necessarily money, but time instead, which is far more valuable.

The cost to run a pool heater isn’t that much at all either. The only costs extra which you will have to pay for a pool heater would be the installation, the cleaning (which will normally be covered by a pool cleaning company for little or no extra cost), servicing (which you pay for most things nowadays anyway) and your electricity and gas bills. Thinking about it logically lets us see that grouped together, these costs actually make having a pool heater incredibly affordable whilst appearing incredibly expensive.

If you are thinking about getting a pool heater for your swimming pool, then don’t let anything stop you. They are amazing pieces of kit, and can transform a bog-standard pool into something luxurious which can be used all year round, and they cost only a fraction of what most people would estimate them to as well.


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      bellyJacobs 4 years ago

      The electric pool heater is a cheaper alternative to the more traditional propane gas powered pool heater. Because the energy consumed is lower, and because no fuel is burnt, using an electric pool heater can effectively reduce your carbon footprint while saving money.