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Wall Clocks

Updated on August 26, 2009

Wall clocks have grown to become one of the most underrated home furnishings of all time. You might not get too excited when you hear someone mention wall clocks but they can really possess personality and create a story piece for your home outside if their basic functionality. Even telling time can become a second function of the timepiece. Whatever theme you are addressing there is a clock well suited to your tastes. Your options are as limitless as your imagination.

When choosing the best wall clock you will have to decide on the style you want. Styles range from antique to LED to digital to clocks for the outdoors. They don't just tell time anymore. Some, like large wall clocks, are considered works of art. Others give you information outside of the realm of hours and minutes and will alert you to temperature and moon cycles.

Wall Clocks
Wall Clocks

The Bigger The Better

If you have a large wall space that lacks for decoration, consider the appeal of large wall clocks. Many large wall clocks today are made to function as art pieces as well as time pieces and they can accentuate a decorative theme in your home. The more prominent the large wall clock the more elegant the room will appear. They aren't very expensive and they will be the topic of conversation. You can expect to pay under $200 for a quality oversized wall clock.

Antique Wall Clocks
Antique Wall Clocks

Antique Wall Clocks

Antique wall clocks have a classic feel to them. They can be ornate and most will have a small pendulum arm that swings with the seconds. They look like grandfather clocks hung on the wall. Usually they do not run on batteries but are wound with a key to keep them running. This means that it will not keep time perfectly but that too will add to the feel of its antiquity. If you are considering an antique wall clock for your home expect to pay in the thousands of dollars. These clocks are rarities and will oftentimes be unique.

Contemporary Wall Clocks
Contemporary Wall Clocks

Contemporary Wall Clocks

Much cheaper in price, contemporary wall clocks are mass produced and made of inexpensive materials. There are as many styles of contemporary wall clocks as there are tooth brushes. This isn't to say they are any less appealing than antique wall clocks as many can function as decorative art pieces with their simple lines to accentuate your home or office. You can find hundreds online and they can range from $58.00 upwards of $350.00.

Outdoor Wall Clocks
Outdoor Wall Clocks

Outdoor Wall Clocks

Outdoor wall clocks are an innovative way to decorate and highlight your landscaped lawn or garden. They come in all sizes and are weather resistant and provide some interesting technical data, include thermometers, barometers and hygrometers. These measure temperature, air pressure and humidity, respectively. You are sure to find one in a material that will match your exterior and depending on the size, material and functionality they are moderately priced between $79.00 and $226.00.

Kitchen Wall Clocks
Kitchen Wall Clocks

Kitchen Wall Clocks

Kitchen wall clocks work best as décor when they flow with the style of your appliances. That said they are usually made in stainless steel or some kind of colored plastic. They still come in a variety of shapes and sizes but wall space in a kitchen is sometimes sparse which is why a kitchen wall clock is often made smaller than those found in other parts of the house. Sometimes they even come with a timer to aid in your cooking. Largely inexpensive, kitchen wall clocks will rarely cost over $79.00.

Digital Wall Clocks
Digital Wall Clocks

Digital Wall Clocks

Digital wall clocks use LED technology and are commonly found in commercial settings like airports and train stations or where monitoring events is useful, though they do get some use in homes. They display the time in hours, minutes and seconds and can either use standard time or military time. These are highly accurate clocks and their bright LED lights can be seen from about 75 feet away legibly. They are relatively inexpensive depending on their size with a medium sized digital wall clock running around $65.00.

Atomic Wall Clocks
Atomic Wall Clocks

Atomic Wall Clocks

Atomic wall clocks are the most accurate time pieces available on the market. They never stop and never need rewinding or new batteries. They keep time by bouncing waves between the nucleus of an atom and an electron. They are so powerfully accurate that GPS systems are actually made of a series of atomic clocks. There are three types of atomic wall clocks: Cesium clocks which emit atoms to keep time, hydrogen atomic clocks which use hydrogen atoms and rubidium clocks which use rubidium gas. Rubidium clocks are the cheapest and are made for home use. The others are cost hundreds of thousands of dollars while the rubidium style atomic wall clock can be purchased for under $100.

Choosing The Best Wall Clocks

When you consider the theme of the area you wish to decorate with a wall clock it will become more apparent what kind of clock you will look for. Obviously you aren't decorating around a clock and it is most likely being added to a current theme. Based on the types of wall clocks I have discussed above, you should have some confidence in choosing wall clocks that will add to the personality of your tastes.

Check out the video below on atomic wall clocks to get a better idea of what they are.


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