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Above ground swimming pool reviews

Updated on November 27, 2015
Swimming is a fun way to cool down
Swimming is a fun way to cool down

When it comes to above ground swimming pools there are 2 ways for you to go. You either go with a metal or PVC type pool. The difference between the 2 types is that the metal pools are more durable, but also more expensive.

In above ground swimming pool reviews, we will review some of the best selling models and sizes of swimming pools.

The way the pool sizes work: if it says 8 x 30 then it's 8 feet in diameter by 30 inches tall.

Plastic pools

If you are going to get a plastic pool Intex's Easy Set Pools are really the only option.

The pools basically come with everything you need. All you need is a flat head screwdriver and someone to help you put it up. Generally putting up these pools is a 2 man job.

The Intex pools have 2 outer layers of heavy gauge PVC with an inner layer of polyester mesh. This makes them more durable than other inflatable pools.

The pools all have an easy-to-use drain plug that connects to a garden hose. This means you can drain the water away from the pool area. The pools come with filter pumps, which skims debris off the surface.

Warning: You must have firm level ground for these pools. If the ground is more than 1 inch lower in one spot than another, you are going to have problems.

Kids have a great time playing in these pools. You will enjoy cooling off in the pool on hot and sunny days

Small above ground metal pool

It only takes 45 minutes to put up this pool and then you have to wait for the water to fill it up.

Like with the other pools so far this pool is also made by Intex, so similar quality and equipment.

The pool comes with a well made ladder, a lightweight pool cover and a small pool skimmer and vacuum.

16' x 48" Ultra-Frame Metal Frame Pool Set

Unlike the other pools here this one uses salt to keep the water clean. The salt is better, if like me you don't trust the pool chemicals.

Remember to clean the skimmer and filter once a week.

18' x 9' x 52" Rectangular Ultra Frame Pool Set

Considering the size of the pool it's much cheaper than other pools in it's class.

This pool also uses salt to control algae, not chemicals.

This pool comes with quality accessories cleaning pole, skimmer, brush, leaf net and vacuum.

It really is great to swim in fresh, clean, crystal clear water.

Big above ground swimming pool review
Big above ground swimming pool review

Above ground pool tips

Chemical tips

Store your pool chemicals in the shade, UV rays can break down pool chemicals.

Store your pool chemicals out of the reach of kids and in sealed containers.

If the pH of your pool's water is off, it can damage the pool. Testing the water frequently can avoid this problem.

Filters remove particles from pool water, but don't kill algae or bacteria. You need to maintain a chlorine level of 1 to 3 parts per million, to kill bacteria and algae in the water.

The ideal pH for pool water is 7.5, but 7.4 to 7.6 is considered acceptable.

To insure your readings are correct you need to replace the test kit once a year.

Read your pool manual for instructions on keeping the pool clean.

Empty your skimmer baskets frequently that will reduce the number of leaves that end up on the bottom of your pool.

Keeping the shrubs and trees around your pool trimmed down, will reduce the leaves and debris that end up in the pool.

If the water in your pool turns green or smells, the problem is probably algae. Test your chlorine level, and consult a professional if the problem doesn't go away.

Energy tips

Only run your pool's filter in off-peak electricity time.

Water levels

A pool should lose no more than 0.25 inch of water in a day. If you lose more it's probably leaking.

If the soil around your pool is really wet this is also a sign that it might be leaking.

If there are bubbles in the return water from the pool's pump, then there is probably a leak on the suction side of the filtration system.

Not all plants do well with chlorinated water. So when you empty your pool don't use the water in the garden.

If you are going to plant something around your, above ground pool, tropical plants work the best. Pick something colorful like Lantana. Adding some colorful plants will light up your backyard quickly and easily.

I hope you found what you where looking for in our above ground swimming pool reviews.

Kids love playing and swimming in water
Kids love playing and swimming in water
Kids swimming in pool on hot day
Kids swimming in pool on hot day
Underwater shot of kids in pool
Underwater shot of kids in pool


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    • Wingrider profile image

      Wingrider 7 years ago from South Carolina

      Salt water systems are becoming increasing popular in the US as well. As a pool contractor I've been installing them on almost every pool I've built in the last 4 years. I think the initial cost was scaring off a lot of people, but once they realize the long term savings and convenience, they can justify the cost. Be careful not to confuse people though, chlorine is still the chemical responsible for algae control and the alkalinity and Ph must still be kept in balance with additional chemicals. The true advantage of salt is realized by not having to purchase, store or transport chlorine any longer, you are simply making it on site with the chlorine generator.

    • sporn profile image

      sporn 7 years ago from Australia

      Also.. Salt water pools don't sting your eyes like chlorine pools do and salt water actively repels stinging insects. You can't taste the salt in salt water pools either - it's a much lower concentrate than in the sea. Salt water pools are very common over here in Australia but don't seem to be used much in the US or UK.