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Abstract Wall Art for Less!

Updated on October 1, 2012

Modern Abstract Wall Art

Could you do this?
Could you do this?
Beautiful Wall Art
Beautiful Wall Art

Wall Art is Pricey!

I think the majority of us like some kind of decoration or art on our walls. A popular choice is abstract wall art, some of which can be quite simple yet extremely complimentary to the decor of a room. Some can be complex and even messy but quite beautiful. I am quite a fan of this type of wall decorating.

Here's the part that I don't like when it comes to wall art; it can be very expensive! Having recently moved into a new apartment where it wasn't really acceptable to paint, the decoration I wanted on my walls was to be at least eye catching to take away from some of the blandness of white walls. I shopped around browsing whenever I saw some suitable pieces at department stores and little mall shops that specialized in home decor and I always found the same thing. They were always out of my price range which was pretty limited.

So here I was trying to come up with a way to make my walls nice too! There's no reason why I should have to have boring walls because my funds are limited. I needed an idea, I needed something interesting to hang on my wall and I wanted it fast as I was going on three months of bare walls. Boo hoo.

Aha! Why hadn't I thought of this before, silly me! Off I went to one of our local dollar stores and after spending only ten dollars I had all the materials I needed to create my own, if not better, abstract wall art! Yes, ten dollars!

I bought three colours of acrylic paint at one dollar each, a package of sponge brushes for one dollar, and three 16" x 12" artist white canvasses. My walls were going to look great!

A wonderful thing about abstract art is that it doesn't have to look any particular way. You don't have to be a great painter or even be that creative to do it. I searched around online to get some inspiration and voila! I had my idea. I used earth tones in each and placed them on my wall side by side above my sofa and nobody can tell that I did them myself. In fact, they look just like I bought them during my last trip to the mall ;)

The pictures presented in this hub are examples of some abstract art for sale online. As you can see this style can be quite captivating while maintaining complete originality.

I made note of different price ranges, while some canvas art was for sale for around thirty dollars others were priced in the hundreds. I suppose it depends on the artist and the store. Since this hub is trying to express how easy and cheap this could be to do it yourself, I felt that comparison of prices and stores wasn't necessary to list.

*A bonus that I realized while hanging my new art was that they are extremely light weight and terrificly easy to hang!

Another fine example of Abstract Wall Art.

 Artist: Jeff Bowser
Artist: Jeff Bowser


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    • Kalux profile image

      Kalux 5 years ago from Canada

      You are absolutely right, TattooKitty! Thanks for your comment :)

    • TattooKitty profile image

      TattooKitty 5 years ago from Hawaii

      Creating your own abstract art is a wonderful way to capture timeless memories with a personal, artistic edge. You will always remember what was occurring in your life when you painted each piece and, even though you showcase them in the home, the memories are special secrets for only YOU to keep.

      I absolutely LOVE this idea...better go get some supplies!! (^-^) Thanks for the inspiration

    • Rickrideshorses profile image

      Rickrideshorses 5 years ago from England

      Cool hub. Art's great to have in the home and always a good conversation starter when guests are round - especially when like you have done you pain it yourself. Inspired me to do the same.