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Accessories In your Faery Garden

Updated on May 1, 2013
A handful of gems.
A handful of gems.
Amber adds an earthy glow.
Amber adds an earthy glow.
Quartz has properties all its own.
Quartz has properties all its own.
The magic of Quartz
The magic of Quartz

Fairy Garden Accessories Part Two

Fairy Cairn

This becomes an excellent place for Faeries to conceal themselves. Choose a quiet corner of the garden. Gather several large and small stones. Choose the oldest looking. Aged stones are more successful in attracting Faeries. These stones give off the vibrations of the ages and call Faeries to them. In North America, stones left by the passage of the glaciers are particularly effective. Take these stones and construct them into a small cave. Alternatively, place them in a Faery Ring comparable to Stonehenge, the Rollright Stones or any group of standing stones.

Adding Moss and Lichen can provide an extra sense of security for Faeries. Plant hosta and other bushy plants near the mouth of the Cairn. This will increase the sense of privacy. Perhaps, you might place the Cairn at the end of a path. Consider constructing it from ancient stones taken from the Canadian Shield or from along the routes where glaciers once travelled. The combination will make the garden look attractive and provide shelter for your Faeries. Furthermore, a Faery Cairn is ideal in other ways. It is small, and fits in well if you do not have a large garden.


If stone is not possible or to your liking, try brick. Use red and yellow brick to construct hidden places for Faeries, Faery walls or even furniture. Build a brick chair that not only allows Faeries to hide beneath it, but can also double as a planter. Cover the Faery Chair with Thyme, and Chamomile. It not only smells heavenly, when you sit upon it, but also provides a raised dance floor for Faery gambols.

As in the case of stone, brick walls offer creative opportunities. Cover the wall with climbing plants e.g. Nightshade, Roses, Clematis, Virginia Creeper and Grape Vine. Honeysuckle Vine, Wild Cucumber Vine, and Virgin’s Bower are also good choices. Morning Glory, Vetches, and Sweet Pea plants are other possibilities.

Gems, Shells and Pretty Things:

Stones, and their more elevated cousins – gems, can also be scattered about the garden. Staurorite and other Faery Stones help to increase the attraction of a garden for Faeries. Small pieces of Quartz and Moonstone can be placed in specific places, as both gifts and magnets for Faeries. Suggestions include cat’s eye, tiger’s eye, fluorite, and cinnabar. Organic gems or materials, such as amber, ammonite, pearl, lava, coral and jet have Faery appeal. If you wish them to be doubly effective, try placing the gems/stones near their corresponding plant. Place crystal or smoky quartz among the roots, or hang them from the branches of an Ash tree. Hide pink or rose quartz in the beds of Rose bushes. Moonstones are thrown into the water of a Lily pond, as are shells and, if you could afford it, pearls.

If you are not into gems or pretty stones, why not try seashells. Find small, tiny seashells or purchase them from a retail outlet. Place them around the garden. You can also create a path of crushed shells. Throw into the general mix of your garden or place separately in strategic locations pieces of coloured sea or beach glass.

Alternatively, you can hang small pieces of gold, Faery gold, old coins and other shiny objects. Many Faeries are like Magpies, The like pretty, shiny objects. Be sure these charms are appropriate. Increase the effect by placing them in close proximity to certain money-related plants. These include Jade plants and Lunaria (Money Plant).


Agate, Moss and Tree types - Earth & Tree Faeries, Moss People, Elves, Wood Wives.

Amber, as fossilized tree sap - Earth Faery, Dwarves

Amethyst, Quartz stone - Air Faery

Beryl, emerald family - Fire Faery

Citrine, yellow Quartz - Fire & Air Faeries

Garnet - Warrior Faeries

Geode - Earth & Air Faeries,

Jade - Royal or Trooping Faeries, Chinese Faeries

Lapis Lazuli - Underworld & Dark Faeries, Dark Elves,

Moonstone - Trooping, Air, Water, Dancing Faeries

Obsidian, Glass - Fire Faeries, Dwarves, Volcano FaerieMexican Faeries, Hawaiian Faeries

Pyrite, Iron Sulfide - Faeries who like shiny objects

Quartz - Most Faery beings, especially New Age Faeries

Staurorite - known as Fairy Stone

Topaz - Air Faeries

Turquoise - Water Nymphs, Water Faeries


Having accessories not only makes your garden aesthetically pleasing, it also becomes extremely attractive to the Fae. Consider your options and use Faery Cairns and specific gems to lure the Faeries of your choice to play and even stay.


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