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Accessories for your bar at home - Online buying guide featuring handpicked home bar accessories

Updated on February 23, 2012

A home bar is incomplete without the right accessories. Why? Simply because accessories bring ease, convenience, utility and a dash of the oomph factor in your overall drinking experience at your home. If you are looking online to buy accessories for your bar at home, look no more. Here are 10 handpicked best selling accessories that will delightfully compliment your bar. They also make for the perfect gift idea for your whiskey, beer or wine lover friends.

Nuance Wine Finer by Nuance
Nuance Wine Finer by Nuance

1) Nuance Wine Finer by Nuance

The Nuance Wine Finer is one of those items that every home bar must house. Why? Because this accessory for your home bar is a perfect blend of sleek, chic design and excellent functionality. With the Nuance Wine Finer, you'll never have to be apologetic that you forgot to uncork the wine before your guests arrived. Fit this finer into the mouth of your wine bottle and pour away. It will filter out all unnecessary particles, sediments, tartar, pieces of cork and any other foreign elements that may have entered the wine. Besides aiding the oxidizing process of the wine making it tastier, the wine finer will also allow you to decant a full bottle of red wine in just about 30 seconds.

Why buy

  • You can use the Nuance Wine Finer as a stopper if there is wine left in the bottle making it oh-so-convenient to store your wine after use
  • The finer is extremely easy to clean – its surface is made of ABS rubber and the filter is made with stainless steel which you can run under water and wash by hand
  • Forget about using extra tissue for cleaning wine spillage that typically occurs after a decanting session. The drip catcher of the Nuance Wine Finer won't waste a single drop of your precious wine – In fact, the extra wine will run back into the bottle

Wine Bottle Cork Cage by Epic Products
Wine Bottle Cork Cage by Epic Products

2) Wine Bottle Cork Cage by Epic Products

If you are looking to buy a really quirky gift for your wine lover friend, look no more. And if you decide to buy this for your own home bar, the Wine Bottle Cork Cage promises to be an instant conversation starter. Besides the visual wow factor, the Wine Bottle Cork Cage is probably the most aesthetically unique bar accessory you can buy online. The idea is to collect the corks of your wine bottles by dropping them into the Wine Bottle Cork Cage. The corks can later be easily retrieved by opening the hinges at the bottom of the cage.

Why buy

  • ­This Wine Bottle Cork Cage is an ornamental item that will match the décor of any virtually any home bar or for that matter look good on any kitchen bench
  • You can collect corks of the wine bottles and can even put markings on each so when you retrieve them all, you can remember the special occasions on which you popped each bottle open

Happy Man Bottle Stopper by Pal
Happy Man Bottle Stopper by Pal

3) Happy Man Bottle Stopper by Pal

Talk about a product that sells itself! Funny, rude, dirty, cute or quirky, call it what you want, the Happy Man Bottle Stopper is an eye opener. As you can see, the guy on the bottle stopper is quite 'happy' for obvious reasons and offers his services as a wine bottle stopper. The Happy Man's manhood will safely secure your bottle of wine, no pun intended.

Why buy

  • The singular reason to buy the Happy Man Bottle Stopper is to get a few laughs and more conversations flowing in your dinner party
  • And if it's just the two of you sharing your bottle of bubbly, then Happy Man will help you get your act started!

WineDiaper Padded Absorbent Bag by Idea Mia LLC
WineDiaper Padded Absorbent Bag by Idea Mia LLC

4) WineDiaper Padded Absorbent Bag by Idea Mia LLC

The name of this product is self explanatory. A great accessory to have while you're traveling, WineDiaper is a padded and absorbent wine case which helps you carry your prized wine bottles from your home bar to wherever you need to take them in suitcases or airbags without spillage. If there is a spillage though, WineDiaper's absorbent liners will not let any liquid seep through the diaper to spoil the other items in your bag. Not just wine, the WineDiaper will absorb other liquids too. These diapers are reusable and promise to absorb an entire 750ml wine bottle.

Why buy

  • You must have this accessory for your home bar for the time when you need to take the wine you've always been saving in your bar for a special occasion - It would be a pity if the bottle broke on your way to the party or the place where you want to take it, wouldn't it?

Beer Bottle Cap Catcher by KegWorks
Beer Bottle Cap Catcher by KegWorks

5) Beer Bottle Cap Catcher by KegWorks

If there was a reason for all the men to cheer, this is it. The wall mounted Beer Bottle Cap Catcher is the ultimate bar accessories for all you guys out there who regularly entertain their mates. The Beer Bottle Cap Catcher is supposed to be installed about 4 inches below your wall mounted bottle opener. This allows the bottle cap to fall inside the catcher. Residual beer or any other liquid will be drained through the small drain holes in the catcher

Why buy

  • None of your mates will ever have to worry about finding a bin for their beer bottle caps
  • You will save yourself from a lot of trouble cleaning up your joint after a beer party
  • There's no need to put your hand inside the catcher because you will easily be able to dismount it and empty it out in a bin when you want

Riedel Bottle Cleaner Beads by Riedel
Riedel Bottle Cleaner Beads by Riedel

6) Riedel Bottle Cleaner Beads by Riedel

If you are a whiskey or a wine lover and have decanters and flasks in your home bar, you will know how painful it is to clean them. The Riedel Bottle Cleaner Beads promise make the tasks of cleaning your decanters, flasks or other glass bottles and containers hassle free. Made from corrosion resistant stainless steel, these beads sink into the liquid or cleaning agent that you use. And when swirled, the beads rub against the hard to reach places of a container. The friction between the beads and the surface of your glassware will remove stains, deposits, sediments and the stickiness that would be nearly impossible to remove by hand, cloth or a brush.

Why buy

  • Never again will you accidently break your glassware or expensive decanters while cleaning those hard to reach spots
  • Cleaning narrow necked decanters and flasks of weird shapes and sizes will be trouble free
  • The metal pellets themselves are easy to clean and all they need is a nice rinse after being kept in a mesh strainer
  • Riedel Bottle Cleaner Beads make for a perfect add-on purchase that you'd want to make if you are thinking of buying any glassware, decanters or flasks online – After all, you have to clean what you buy, don't you?

Prodyne Fruit Infusion Natural Fruit Flavor Pitcher by Prodyne
Prodyne Fruit Infusion Natural Fruit Flavor Pitcher by Prodyne

7) Prodyne Fruit Infusion Natural Fruit Flavor Pitcher by Prodyne

Just the thought of fruit infused beverages sounds exotic, and rightly so. What was once only limited to pubs, bars and restaurants can now be made in your very own bar at home. The Prodyne Fruit Infusion pitcher has a removable hollow rod which can be filled with fruits of your choice. The hollow rod has holes on the sides, which allow the flavor of the fruit to be infused in the drink of your choice, and vice versa. You really don't need to replace the fruits every time you refill the pitcher.

Why buy

  • Fill the Prodyne Fruit Infusion pitcher with a drink of your choice, add fruits in the hollow rod and place the pitcher on the bench of your bar at home under dim lights – Voila, you've got yourself an aesthetically pleasing bar accessory and an exotic drink
  • Mix and match, and create your own mesmerizing fruity cocktails with your choice of fruits, herbs, flavors and alcohol

Fred Cool Shooters Shot Glass Mold by Fred and Friends
Fred Cool Shooters Shot Glass Mold by Fred and Friends

8) Fred Cool Shooters Shot Glass Mold by Fred and Friends

The Fred Cool Shooters Shot Glass Mold is a really cool accessory for your bar at home, literally. Imagine holding shot glasses made of ice, juice or any other flavored beverage. That's right. These reusable silicon moulds allow you to freeze and mould shot glasses from ice or any other liquid of your choice, including juices. Once you fill them and freeze them in your freezer, it will take a few hours to get 4 frozen shot glass.

Why buy

  • Fred Cool Shooters make for a very cool way to drink those shots, and keep the conversations flowing by piquing the curiosity of a lot of your guests
  • You can add color and flavor vignettes in your shot glasses by adding grenadine or raspberry juice after you fill the tray with water. The colored juice being heavier will settle on the bottom of the tray which will in fact become the rim of the shot glass. Not only will it look nice, it'll even add some flavor when you sip from the shot glass. This was just one example – You are free to experiment and create your own tangy shot glasses

Fred Cool Jazz Ice Cube Tray by Fred
Fred Cool Jazz Ice Cube Tray by Fred

9) Fred Cool Jazz Ice Cube Tray by Fred

The Fred Cool Jazz Ice Cube Tray is one of those things that separate the men from the boys when it comes to having a bar accessory that is a real attention seeker. No stirrer is as cool and funky as the Fred Cool Jazz Ice Cube Tray that doubles as a stirrer once the ice melts. This ice tray features stir sticks resembling the arm of a guitar. Once frozen, the mold will allow the ice to take the shape of a guitar's body around the stick which you can dip into your drink. So it looks like you're swirling a little guitar in your drink.

Why buy

  • Are you or your friends into music, and into partying? Then you really don't need a reason to buy this, do you?
  • The stirrer and the guitar shaped ice cube make for the perfect complimentary to a cocktail glass – visually and from a utility perspective

Rum Runner Cruise Kit by Easy Traveler
Rum Runner Cruise Kit by Easy Traveler

10) Rum Runner Cruise Kit by Easy Traveler

Rum Runner Cruise Kit is not exactly a bar accessory that you will be using at your bar at home. But if you ever need to carry alcohol from your bar to a certain place, these travelers seem to be the perfect accessory that you can buy online. Also known as Rum Smugglers, these plastic pouches are a safe and easy way to carry alcohol to all the places where buying alcohol can be a tad too expensive, whether it is a weeklong cruise, a music concert event, BYO event, or any other shoestring getaway where you want to keep your expenses to a minimum. The plastic pouches or runners, as they are called, are made from non-metallic, odor and taste proof material that will keep your alcohol safe and unspoiled.

Why buy

  • Virtually undetectable if concealed in jacket pockets or in bags
  • Once the Rum Runners are empty, you can flatten the flasks and roll them into your baggage so that they occupy minimum space


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    • alocsin profile image


      6 years ago from Orange County, CA

      The Happy Man stopper is hilarious. I also like that you put a big illustration of the item before the sales pitch right below it. Voting this Up and Interesting.


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