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Achieving Good Feng Shui with Color

Updated on August 8, 2015

Some tints and shades will work great in certain rooms for feng shui while others are a no-no

Yellow is intellect and works great in a home office.
Yellow is intellect and works great in a home office. | Source
Use blue in the bedroom of an overactive child and green is the color for growth. Black and white are used for accents.
Use blue in the bedroom of an overactive child and green is the color for growth. Black and white are used for accents. | Source
Blue is calming and creates a look and feel for any room of being larger.
Blue is calming and creates a look and feel for any room of being larger. | Source

Color in curtains and drapes make an enormous difference in a room. Find out how

Color effects all of us every day. It is all around us.

Did you know the first thing people look for when shopping for a painting is color?

Hues and tints actually influence how we feel, our state of well being and even how we enjoy life.

Combined with psychology color is used everyday in marketing and advertising. It has an impact on how people perceive a product, place or service.

Use color to balance life and home in a positive manner

Over 3000 years ago in China the art of feng shui was born. Feng shui is the complex bodies of knowledge revealing how there is a balance to energies resting in the space around you. These energies influence a persons livelihood and health when several things occur within this space. The area is said to have a positive influence on life and health by simply following a few guidelines when it comes to furniture, arrangement and color. It is mainly associated with the Asian culture. Though, it is used throughout the world.

More than a few fans of feng shui also believe it has the power to attract new opportunities, increase the abundance of good things and grow success. Basically the correct distribution of colors and furnishings in a location correlates to the increase in the number of positive prospects throughout life. Color is a major focal point of the art and plays a crucial role in making the magic happen..

What is it?

The English version of this Chinese phrase is in two parts. The word Feng means the wind and shui is water. The Chinese culture associates both wind and water with good health and good fortune. This is the literal translation of the word. Countless people who have heard the words before understand it is the action of transforming a location with color to get certain results.

The capability to change any outcome in life from negative to positive is very attractive. This is the appeal so many people have to it. If the deed is possible manipulating color and space, it is worth an investigation.

Why use it?

People using it actually look for the space around them to be redesigned. This is easier than moving around walls, windows and doors. Getting a stabilization of the right colors is the goal.This equilibrium is typically achieved with transforming the hues and tints in a room. The ancient cultures who used it have trusted this certainty for three centuries.

Colors are important to everyone. There is always preference every person has for one in particular. Imagine how often you see which ones you like in daily life choices of possessions. This is obvious in your car, your jewelry, your clothes and so much more. This says something special about them and how much they influence temperament or disposition.

They are actually believed to be responsible for mood, thoughts and feelings. Therefore, using the right ones to promote good fen shui is interpreted as giving a person great fitness, well-being and prosperity. Having certain ones in the space around you typically affects how comfortable you feel along with how others perceive you in that same space.

How does it work?

The colors selected and their arrangement are critical to achieving the right prosperity and wealth. Any variation between a good or bad outcome occurs with very subtle variations. Therefore, many times even making small changes in any area has a positive or negative effect on a fortune. The actual science of the process is a secret not shared.

One conviction of the process says shades, hues and tints transform a persons feelings while inside of a space. These are all variations on the same primary color. However, the primary one has the deepest influence.

Knowing which specific one is associated with what mindsets or thoughts assures good outcomes and the right environment is created. The right atmosphere for positive outlooks and moods throughout a home are seen with the right one in the right space.

What colors to use

This is a color chart to help create a harmonious as well as a stress free environment in any home or room. Sometimes even the smallest alteration or addition of hue makes an enormous difference. Other times the positive effect comes from removing a tint or shade. A slight hint of one pigment or another brings about positive forces for an individual in some circumstances..

Review this chart and determine if it is necessary to make changes to your home or office to promote the positive aspects of this plan. According to tradition it guarantees an outlook of good fortune and feelings around you. Pay special attention to what not to use in an area as well.


Red is vibrant and full of life. It’s both dominant and stimulating. Red is perceived as power. It is believed it has the powers to assist with depression, fear and melancholy. It is physical energy giving zest and drive in life. You reach goals and promote motivation with red in your life.

What it does for a space

This vibrant shade reduces the size of a room as well as increase the size of objects within a area when used. Many people avoid painting an entire room using the color red. However, adding it as an accent to another shade or tint is wonderful for the vitality it brings. Anyone seeing it imagines a stop sign which says look at me.

Best use

When considering it for wall space, countless areas are capable of handling the vivacity or energy it brings while others simply cannot. For an instance, a bedroom typically is a space for relaxation and this stimulating color is usually too much for this area. However, accenting other rooms with this motivational tool is generally a wonderful idea.

Another variation is painting one wall red in a child’s bedroom or maybe a dining room where red is rarely seen. This is done when you want to bring vigor without overwhelming a room with it. Use red if you happen to be a procrastinator to get you going because it has plenty of get up and go.


Yellow is recognized as related to mindsets of insightfulness and intellect. This is known to aid in digestion and brain activity. The qualities tied to it are logic, optimism, judgement, sincerity and harmony. Heightened expression and freedom are found with yellow. It brings the power to persuade or influence after contemplation.

What it does for a space

Yellow is associated with all around good luck! It also generates optimism and a more positive outlook on the world. There are a few Asian cultures who believe the opposite of this viewpoint. Although, the majority view it in the former manner rather than the latter.

Best use

This is characteristically brilliant for a home office where an invigorating or thought provoking intellect shines. Any space where you need to be uplifted mentally is a good place for some yellow. This one is found often in kitchens which are gathering places for families and stimulating conversations. Surprisingly it is not good fen shui for the bathroom.


Imagine green for inspiration and freedom as well as harmony and hope. The hues and tints of green are wonderful for healing. Green is tied to feeling restful and refreshed. Restful and refreshed are words you mentally connect with new growth or developments.

What it does for a room

Everywhere in nature you find green which is why imagining it tied to growth is very literal in meaning. It reminds us there is always enough or when we need more of something we find it. Hospitals use lots of shades of green and medical professionals wear a great deal of it's hues and shades because of its association with growth and more importantly healing.

Where it is used best

It works in nearly any room. Many people like it especially in the bathroom. If you don’t want to paint it green try towels of this color or adding some plants to the area. A bathroom is perceived as a place for renewal and purification which works for well for the definition of this color.

If a space needs a facelift don’t use muddy green or khaki, try to utilize more of a bright spring tint. This is one that also works in therapy rooms and conservatories in addition to a bathroom. Stay away from green in family rooms, studies or playrooms.


Blue is peace. It is tied to a frame of mind of being soothed, contemplation, spirituality, patience and mystery. It is known to stimulate a person to find inner truth. You attain inner peace and live out your dreams with blue. It is gentle and introspective. Blue is trust, stability and faithfulness. It is used in pain reduction for many of these reasons.

What it does for an area

Bedrooms are great for blue. The peace and calm that comes with it is great for any space promoting rest and peace.

Where to use it for the best outcome

A blue bedroom is especially great for a hyperactive child. One of the attributes is the capability to enlarge a space and make it seem more than it is.

People with a tendency towards melancholy admit they care very little for the color. If you feel melancholy evaluate if you have too much blue in your living space and need to pare it down or possibly out of the picture. Blue is always a good choice for bedrooms or therapy rooms.


Looking at purple you feel vitality, dignified and spiritual. It makes the mind imagine excitement, passion and motivation. The person that selects purple as their favorite color is typically abstract, inspired and able to tune into the inner world.

What it does to a room

Purple is a stimulator for intuition and spiritual perspective. This is one of those on the chart which does not have a big yes or no for any space. Although, it is certainly an acquired taste for most. Not everyone is capable of living with this one for long periods of time. It is a favorite color for personalities that are driven and comfortable within themselves.

Where to use it for best outcome

Because this is such as powerful color, don’t attempt to paint an entire room purple. Use purple as a color for accent. A soft lilac works extremely well for a meditation room or any room where you would like to feel healed both physically and spiritually. Purple is not for your bathroom or kitchen. Though, it works remarkable well for bedrooms in a variety of hues.


Pink is a color with no negatives. Pink is tied to romance, purity of thought and light. Of course the ideal choice for pink is the bedroom with these particular inner thoughts provoked.

What it does for a room

This is one with countless hues which are tied to other colors. When mixed and matched with other accents a room says a combination of things.Accenting a wall with a hue combined with another color masked under it is when it is typically seen. Never inside of an office or professional space.

Because it is associated with the feminine side of the coin, most men never use it in a space. Women have a tendency to over use it in countless circumstances.

Best use

It is very unusual to see an entire house covered in this color without negatives, but usually the bedroom gets it often. Men shy away from it so a coed bedroom will have accents of it, but it is not the dominate color.


Brown is stability and safety.It is a color which provokes feelings of masculinity. Though, softer shades are more feminine. Furniture inside of a space is more likely to be this color than walls.

What it does

This generally gives a room a feeling of power in the darker shades. Lighter tones hold solidity, but also a composed or calm sense of being. Browns are typically furniture or window coverings. Too much brown is overpowering and leans toward boring and unimaginative.

Best use

Great for a study but stay away from bedrooms with brown. Bedrooms with this color are generally not full of romance. The calmness turns into a cool composure screaming untouchable. Not wonderful in this particular area of the home.

There are more than a few tans or off whites accented in a bedroom which make it peaceful. Brown as an accent color is tricky and is capable of stealing the thunder of another color, be careful not to add too much.


White is purity and light. New beginnings are tied to white. Cleanliness, freshness and innocence all are touched by it. The energy of white is transformation.

What it is capable of

There are some persons who enjoy an entire house painted with all walls white. This certainly gives the freshness and cleanliness a person desires, but what about the other spirits of fen shui? Add an accent wall or two in a room with it to bring in the attributes of the other colors to make it work it's best magic.

Best use of it.

Any room of a home works with white because it has the capability of having an accent from any tint, shade or hue. However, using it without an accent will portray too much sterility and leaves a space feeling totally uninviting.

Bathrooms and kitchens work best using this color Avoid using it for dining rooms or children’s rooms without a bold color combination.


Mystery and independence touch the color black. Black is the color of dreamtime. Focusing feelings into the inner world is why it is usually worn during grief. It is positive for intrigue, allure and strength.

What it does for a space

Black used as the predominate color of a room is overwhelming. It is an accessory to bring drama and color to an area or location. Embellishing a room with this one is a wonderful idea to add a little glamour.

Seeing an entire room or space done in this color is unusual to say the least. Furniture is typically where it is seen most inside of a space.

Where it works out best

Black is usually seen in a teenager’s bedroom because it makes you feel incubated and still. Teenagers are typically restless and in motion most of the time so they are attracted to it.

Stay away from using it in a younger child’s bedroom, therapy room or living rooms as the predominant color. These are spaces where movement is generally the norm and not the exception.

In conclusion

Hopefully these colors help in identifying and obtaining what is needed inside of a space. They are capable of supporting healing, recovery, opportunity and well-being as you gain your fen shui using them in a designated area. Color is a personal choice and this chart simply outlines how to tie it to individual rooms or spaces to get the most out of it.

Different hues and shades of all of these make a difference in the look and feel of a room as well. For an example, there are thousands of different shades of red in the marketplace. There is a red with a hint of orange, a white undertone or touch of brown and the list is endless. What the imagination is capable of is endless. What shade of red or what color you mix it with will make anything look and feel a variety of ways.

There is so much to do with color making the possibilities endless to create a good fen shui for you and inside of any space you live.

Do you believe in fen shui and the difference it makes in a space?

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Different colors mean different things.


Blue is calming and has been documented in numerous studies to lower blood pressure. Police uniforms are blue because it is believed this calming effect is beneficial for the protect and serve motto.


Instantly attracts attention and increases heart rate. Stop signs are red because they do act a magnet for an individual's attention to make a person notice them and stop.

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    • Rabiey profile image

      Rabiey 2 years ago

      Good information, thank you

    • Koyna Sen profile image

      Koyna Sen 3 years ago from Calcutta, India

      I never knew that colors can play such dominating roles in our lives. Truly amazed to learn about the power of different shades. Thanks for such a beautiful write-up.

    • brethodge profile image

      brethodge 6 years ago from USA

      Great information! Thanks for putting this all in one place.

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      Earth Angel 6 years ago

      We all need to look out for each other in positive ways! YOU are the BEST!! Blessings always, Earth Angel!!

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      thanks earth angel for looking out for me. i will correct my info.

    • Danette Watt profile image

      Danette Watt 6 years ago from Illinois

      Yes, color definitely plays a role in our lives, positive and negative. I love deeper shades of color (pastels don't do anything for me) and I am especially attracted to blue. Nice hub with interesting info. thanks for sharing

    • Earth Angel profile image

      Earth Angel 6 years ago

      GREAT Hub smcopywrite! I practice it myself! Thanks for sharing your amazing insights always! Blessings, Earth Angel! P.S. Fen Shui or Feng Shui?? I think the "g" might have fallen off in the title and first paragraph??