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Acme Sage Microfiber Recliner

Updated on March 25, 2012

Other pieces of furniture are fine, but you want that one space that’s all yours – a special chair. It’s where you want to sit when the kickoff begins, it’s where you want to watch your favorite movies, where you want to listen to music and where you want to sneak an afternoon nap into your day.

Ordinary chairs aren’t going to give you the comfort you should have and they’re not going to give your living room or den the beautiful addition it should have when it comes to decor.

Understandably, picking out a recliner can be a hassle trying to make sure you get the right comfort and fit - unless you get the Acme Sage Microfiber Recliner. This chair takes comfort and unites it with style and beauty for a win-win piece of furniture for your living room.

The solid color this chair comes in is neutral so that it will match whatever color scheme and decorations you’ve used to design your room with. Because it’s a neutral color, you can easily add splashes of brighter colors to tie it in with your décor by adding a throw pillow onto the chair.

While this spacious recliner offers plenty of roomy comfort to the user, it’s not so huge that you’ll feel swallowed up when you sit in it and it’s not built so big that it will dwarf any room you put it in.

The size of this chair is perfect at 38 x 35 x 40 and at that size, it’s easy to change this chair from one spot in the room to the other whenever you do want to move it. Or if you have to make room for something, this chair is light enough to be carried out of the room.

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More Information About This Green Recliner!

Because of the convenient size, this chair can tuck right into a corner of the room or sit in the center of it. Even if you put it close to a wall, the chair has an easy recline so that it won’t pop back with such a force that it will cause damage to your walls. It goes back nice and smoothly into a fully extended recline.

The Acme Sage Microfiber Recliner isn’t a deep-seated chair, so that means you won’t have to struggle to get out of it. The material is soft to the touch and the fabric is strong and will hold up over time.

When you order one and it comes to your door, you won’t have to do any more assembly other than sliding it onto its frame. It clicks right into place and then it’s ready to be positioned in your room and enjoyed!

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