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Add Value To Your Home With These Six Easy Renovation Tips

Updated on April 14, 2017
Home Renovation
Home Renovation

Home Renovation

They say that a house is not a home until it has been renovated. Well, something like that. Home renovation is carried out daily by millions of home owners. Whether it be minor do it yourself (DIY) or by professional home renovators.But why do people do home renovation in the first place? Why not just leave the home as it is and continue living? Well, sometimes renovation is a must if you intend to literally keep the roof over your head and the floor under your feet. But people do renovate for various reasons. People renovate because they want a new fresh and modern look and feel. People renovate just to enhance a certain area of their home. People renovate to actually fix things in the home such as a bad floor or roof. People renovate because they plan to sell and would get a higher market price if the house was actually spruced up. Many people renovate when they acquire a home but don't really like the settings that came with that home and decide to change things to their liking. But one thing that all reasons for renovating has in common is that it adds value to your home.

If you want to add that value to your home and want to start a home renovation project, here are six areas in your home which are easy value adders when professionally renovated.

Deck Renovation
Deck Renovation

1. Re-Decking

Deck the halls with church bells singing cha la la la laaa, la laaa, laaa laaa. Well I am sure that decking the Halls with church bells is not part of redoing that boring deck. Changing the size of your deck is probably the first thing you need to look at when doing this outside renovation. Do you want to have people over to share a drink with and chat on the deck? Or do you prefer just a tile square space to stand still and keep saluting? Your deck should say something about your home as it may be the first area of site visitors or passersby see. Choose the right wood and of course design and firmness. Your deck is definitely one area to renovate that adds value quickly to your home.

If you spend a lot of time outside, then adding on or redoing a deck can be one of the best things to renovate in a house. If you choose this renovation, you’ll want to make sure that you build a deck that’s large enough to accommodate having people over. While it’s nice to think about having a space for just you and your spouse, it’s also nice to create a space for the grill and some patio or outdoor furniture.

Kitchen Renovation
Kitchen Renovation

2. Kitchen Renovation

I smell something cooking, no, I mean I smell something renovating. Cooking is an art and if your kitchen is not cook friendly, I doubt any wonderful meals will be coming from that area. The kitchen is that one place in your home where we gather to make meals, teach others to cook and a place where the sleepless go at nights to rethink a problem over a slice of cheese cake and a cup of coffee. A kitchen renovation not is indeed one of those things which will bring exceptional value to your home. Some of the best kitchen renovation techniques is to actually have a open kitchen, An open view from the living room sliding right into that kitchen. Open view kitchen gives your home that spacious, modern and elegant look. Then you will need to look at the ethnicity of your kitchen, how do you want your kitchen to look and feel? Italian, mexiacan, American?

Attic Renovation
Attic Renovation

3.Use Unused Spaces - Basement or Attic

Don't you think it is time to get rid of all the ghost in the attic and begin that beautiful renovation? Attics are normally used for storage and hoarding in many people's home. Some people actually visit the attic like once per year to peep and see what's going on up there and then quickly dash that possessed doll on the floor and make good there escape. But an attic can be used for much more than storing poltergeist. This is actually a space that can be used for a variety of home renovation techniques that will certainly add much value to your home. The attic can be used for a gym, an extra bedroom or a den. The basement can also be used to do this very kind of renovation.

What Do You Plan To Renovate In Your Home This Year?

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Garage Renovation
Garage Renovation

4. Renovate The Garage

The garage is like the sanctuary for the Mr. Fix it male. It is the ultimate DIYer's if you are good with your hands. The thing about garage renovation is that it can be easy and fun depending on the project. New shelves and fresh pain can make a whole lot of difference to any area. But if your garage is a bit small, extending your garage will surely add some value to your home. This garage extension renovation will of course require a bit more spending. A good garage renovation will add much visual appeal. A floor can be cleaned of oil and given a fresh coat of epoxy. Or even better, it can be replaced with a beautiful stone finish. Adding on to the garage also gives you more places to store things if you’re inclined to build those things.If you don’t feel like you have it in your budget to add on to your garage, think about another possibility. To customize your own shed is possible in this case. This job will give the ardent garage builders among you the extra space required without the cost of adding to the garage.

Window Renovation
Window Renovation

5. Window Renovation

I don't think I need to explain the different appeal that windows can bring to your home. Doing a home renovation and replacing old out dated windows is all win. Window renovation has so many advantages, it brings a fresher look to the entire home. You even have a good chance of creating better views around your home. The thing about window renovation is the vast amount of styles and design available for your own liking. This renovation brings immediate return on investment as the value of your property will surely increase.

6. Replacing or Improving Doors

If you already have a fancy sturdy door at the entrance of your home, well this may not be for you unless that door has stood the test of time and has gotten chipped, dirty, and needs sanding varnish, and spraying. If this is the case, this can be a cool renovation project left up to a professional as simple as it is. Replacing and repairing the front door adds wonders to the home curb appeal as well as directly affects the value of your home in a positive way of course. Did you know the simple act of replacing your front door with different types of doors increases the amount you can sell the house for? Invest in a steel front door and watch your investment get a return of almost 120%


Home renovation can be a wonderful DIY project or it may require professional touch. But one thing for sure is that your home will look and feel better. The marketing price may go up depending on the renovation project. But whatever home renovation you decide on doing, it will always be a plus for for value and development.


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    • clivewilliams profile imageAUTHOR

      Clive Williams 

      19 months ago from Jamaica

      Great Job Always Exploring. I have just started renovating a few rooms.

    • always exploring profile image

      Ruby Jean Richert 

      19 months ago from Southern Illinois

      Clive you have listed some great ideas for renovating the home. I am finished. I was in the process for a couple months after downsizing to this smaller home. Anything you do to improve the looks of a home adds value. Informative hub!!


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