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Add a Splash of Color to Your Home Decor

Updated on December 26, 2010

Making a Hand Crafted Bath Rug

Nothing says comfort more than a nice warm bath and afterwards, wrapping yourself in a soft terry cloth towel. Consider sinking your toes into the same softness as you first step from the tub. If you have a bath room rug that needs to be replaced, consider making a braided terry cloth rug to sink your toes into. Braided terry cloth rugs are inexpensive and easy to make.

Things you will need: three (washed and dried) cotton bath towels, ruler, cutting mat, scissors or rotary cutter, nylon thread, curved upholstery needle or embroidery needle.

Purchase or select the towels you can use to make a terry cloth rug. If using new towels, wash and dry them at least once before cutting. New or thick towels have a tendency to fray and shed when first washed.

Cut the towels into one and half-inch wide long strips. A rotary cutter may work easier than a pair of scissors as terry cloth can be difficult to cut. Electric scissors will work as well.

Fold the wide strips into thirds, creating a strip a half-inch wide and folding edges inward to prevent fraying. Tightly braid the folded strips to form a rope. Using a simple sewing stitch, add the next strips of terry cloth to the one you are braiding, continuing until all the strips are braided into one long rope. Stitch the end of the braided strips together to prevent unraveling.

Decide if you want a round rug or oval rug. Three standard size bath towels will make a round rug 27 inches in diameter or an oval rug 24 inches by 32 inches. Starting with a finished end of the braided rope, make the center of your rug. If you are making a round rug, coil the rope around the center in a tight circle. For an oval rug, start with a small oval, about 3 inches wide and then coil around the center. Place each ring/loop flat and tight against the inside ring. Continue laying the rope in a tight, flat circle/oval until all the rope is placed. If you find your coil does not make a big enough rug, now is the time to make your rope longer by cutting and braiding more cloth.

The next step is to sew or stich your coils together. Starting on the bottom side of your rug, thread your sewing needle with a color of nylon thread that will easily blend into the braided rope. Start at the center of the coiled rope and stitch the coils together, stitching in a zigzag pattern. It is very important you keep your coils flat while you stitch then together. Keep your stitches hidden and close together. When you have worked your way all the way around the coils and stitched each coil to the one next to it, knot your final stitch and cut any loose treads. Turn you rug over and inspect your work. When dirty, wash your rug on the gentle cycle in the washing machine, hang to dry and then shake to fluff.


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