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Added Space with Lift Storage Beds used

Updated on August 27, 2016

Storage Space

There are but a small percentage of people who enjoy the luxury of living in a very large home with ample storage space. Most people live in average to smaller sized homes or apartments, many of which do not have linen closets. In addition, with the recent popularity and explosion of the condominium market, many people are looking for more affordable and convenient places to call home. The only thing lacking in all of these scenarios is sufficient storage area. Storage beds are the obvious solution for those who so need the benefits of extra storage space.

Storage Beds

Storage beds are becoming one of the more popular pieces of furniture within a household, for the obvious reason that they can offer storage space in a most unlikely place: right under one’s bed. Modern storage beds not only come in beautifully designed styles, but also offer the buyer the functionality of added storage space that is so often needed in most homes.

Lift Storage Beds Hold Bedding

Owning one of these lift storage beds guarantees the owner a large enough area to fit in many items; including linens, towels, bed covers, blankets, and even heavy duvets. With an area equal to the size of the bed, it is no longer necessary for a person to have to fold items many times over, only to then have to literally push and squeeze them into a small linen closet or onto an often undersized shelf.

Secret Hiding Place

The space under these storage beds is actually large enough to perfectly fit even the largest and heaviest of duvets, with only one or two folds necessary, as the area of the space under the bed is equal to the area of the bed. Also, there is no limit to what can be stored in this space. Many people use their bed base to store some of their most prized possessions, including but not limited to jewellery, family heirlooms, important documents, and yes, even money. Long gone are the days of putting money under the mattress as a safe haven for would-be thieves. This “secret hiding spot” has now been modernized with enough space to even add an organizer, should one wish to do so.

Pictures from Cheap Bed Sale
Pictures from Cheap Bed Sale

Variety of Styles and Colours

As today’s lift storage beds come in a variety of beautiful styles and materials, there should be something to suit every taste and style of decor. They are made with wood, metal, leather, and can be designed in a traditional, contemporary, or urban style, to name a few. The aesthetics of these storage beds have come a long way since the early days, and owning a storage bed today allows for a beautifully designed bedroom with great hidden storage capacity.

Additional Charm

Storage beds can also fit in with traditional decor, as seen in this wooden model. This will add a touch of old world charm along with up to the minute design.

This particular one has a hide-a-bed inside, and storage in the base of this; ideal as a guest bed in a small room, or in a teenager's room as somewhere for their friends to stay.

The possibilities with these useful beds are endless.

If you are handy or at least adventurous, you could try the DIY storage bed in this video, but you can also find great ready-made beds at attractive prices online.

DIY Storage Bed


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