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Adenium Care

Updated on April 30, 2013
Adenium Bud
Adenium Bud | Source

Adenium or Desert Rose is a very common flower to us, but many of us are unsuccessful in taking care of it. I also read articles on web, but found that everyone was different, tried all the different things but failed, lastly I did it in my own way judging the plant. And this is how I do.

1. Propagating.

Firstly, you got to know how to propagate it. It is really time taking, so you got to need a heart full of patience if you are going to propagate it.

I actually did my first propagation for develop more branches in my old plant, some do it for this and some for developing more plant.

What you have to do is:

  1. Slice it diagonally where you like, just make sure that part is matured enough.
  2. Dip the cut end into a rooting powder.
  3. Then place the new one in a potting mix maybe of 60% compost, 20% soil and 20% sand.

As simple as that.

Sorry, for not giving pictures and more information on this part. But you can definitely rely on the link below, it has lot more information on Adenium propagation.

2. How long should I wait?

This is a very common question when you are trying to propagate a desert rose or trying to have more branches.

As I said patience is an important part for this. It takes almost 2-3 months to develop new branches maybe the same in propagation. Now, how cool (or maybe boring is that)?

Anyway, you can learn about the flowing things, until it comes alive.

Potting Mix for Adenium
Potting Mix for Adenium | Source

3. Preparing the Potting Mix.

It is a very interesting topic for this plant. You may have heard of planting it in potting mix of base media the soil, but I have my own way.

I usually mix these for it:

  1. 50% stone chips or pebbles.
  2. 20% river sand.
  3. 30% compost.

I will recommend this potting mix, because it greatly decreases the chance of root rot which this plant is prone to. One disadvantage that will come that it will become heavy, although it’s nothing than that of keeping your plant’s health.

4. Repotting your plant.

You may want to repot your plant for muddy soil to my mix or maybe from a smaller pot to a larger pot. You can do this by the following way:

  1. Push up your plant from the pot gently.
  2. Wash away the mud from the roots with a sharp and fast stream of water.
  3. Do not break the roots.
  4. Plant it gently in the middle of the pot.

Tip: You could shift up a little bit of your plant and let your root expose a little bit, to let your plant’s base looks bigger and fattier.

5. Soothing your plant.

Caring for Adenium got some specific things which need to be taken in mind, the following are my way of caring Adeniums:

Small Adenium
Small Adenium | Source
Adenium Leaves
Adenium Leaves | Source

1. Light.

Adeniums require a large amount of light for their successful blooming, so keep your plant in an area having direct sunlight.

Thus it comes to a simple thing that more the light you give more the bloom you get.

2. Water.

It requires water, but dos not like water log. And if you use my potting mix your water will never log in it.

Don’t let the soil dry out. It may harm your plant.

3. Fertilizer.

It a sure thing for Adeniums, they require a large amount of fertilizer.

So it is better to give them small amount of fertilizer every week.

For the first time I actually made a mistake on this by not giving fertilizer, they symptoms that you will see if you do not give enough fertilizer is that their leaves will grow at the top only, leaves will become crippled and etc..

4. Others?

No, not anything else care is required for this one, you just got to keep track of their symptoms.

If you want to know about their symptoms visit the site below

Adeniums are succulent type of plant, and will give a unique style in your garden. You can do other experiments with it, it is easy to graft, it looks like bonsai, and it is easy to grow. It is a must have for a garden.

I am sorry for not giving more pictures, there is a lot more of Adeniums if you want to know, I gave you the summed up information that I collected throughout the year and was successful in blooming it. You will find a hell lot of it in the site below.

Now, what is your thought on it?

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