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Adorn your bathroom

Updated on September 18, 2010

Stay in your beautiful bathroom!

Are you like me, a person that love to be alone now and then. Sometimes you want to read an aritcle, or talk privately on the cell. Sometimes you want to have a really long treatment of your body and soul.

I always loved to linger in the bathroom. Nobody ever bathered me or knocked on the door. The bathroom is often the place where you can enjoy privacy. I have collected a few things on this hub that might suite you as much as me. Colour and taste are different of course. Enjoy my suggestions! Get some ideas and then do as you like.

If you have a large bathroom, you can use it even more. Exercise, sauna and relax-bed.....And who says you MUST be alone!? Enjoy!

REAL money. Bills and coins and more

The toilet lid here is made of REAL DOLLARS AND CENTS.

The quality is excellent. Would it not be fun to have a seat made out of genuine bills?

I can smile when I think about how careful you have to be with unknown guests =) Keep an eye on them when they say good bye! :-D

A Wooden lid is always looking really expensive and personal. This one is oak but you can find it it many more colours.

The wood is easy to clean and does not need any extra maintainence. A choice that will last!

The MArble looking lids are in four colours. I would suggest that you try to match the rest of the bathroom tiles and other extras with the colour you choose.

The flower lid is easy to remove and wash. It is a sock and have both sides with the pattern on. Here are more choices for the same low price!

Pine cone mat and lid cover. For the hunting lodge or may be the summer house in the mountains. Also easy to wash and keep clean.

My son had a lid with barb wire in the seat. Then he changed to razor blades. REAL ones baked into the hard plastic. I guess you have to be a play boy to understand =) I prefer a more ordinary look. The wooden one is classic and really nice. But I think I will get one more female.

Personal lids


This lid comes in MANY different wood kinds, this is oak

* Solid Oak standard round toilet seat

* Heavy duty brass hinges

* Measures 14.5" x 16"

* All harware is included

Dazee Duke Seat Socks
Dazee Duke Seat Socks

There are lids that have the pattern on both sides. It looks nice up or down.

Durable, washable - will not fade!


A warm towel, a golden mirror

The golden mirror will turn your bathroom into a castle. The oval shape and quality is going to last as long as you live and use the bathroom.

There are many alternatives for mirrors. Some are attached on the cabinet which is smart. Behind it you have your toothbrushes, deodorants and shaving cream. I have a little cabinet like that and it is useful.

It is also important to have a good light in connection to the mirror. So you can see your face clearly and work on the blemmishes =)

One item here that I also use in my bathroom is the rack for drying and warming the towels. It is an amazing idea. When you come out of the shower or the bath tub, there are the towels warm and cosy. After you used it - hang it up on the rack again to dry! Smart and useful.

Are you the type that like a rug under your new awaken feet in the morning? I am, so I have a small rug that can get wet if I splash or drop things. The colour must be your own choice and there are many different to choose between!

One last thing of advice - when you start to use a SAUNA and realize how clean and fresh your skin becomes, you never want to be without it again.

READ here about the Finnish-Swedish SAUNA

More personal bath room stuff

Wesaunard Towel Warmers BAR 7H Wesaunard Baronial Series 7h Ingot
Wesaunard Towel Warmers BAR 7H Wesaunard Baronial Series 7h Ingot

Wesaunard Baronial Series 7H Model BAR 7H V Hz 120v 60hz Watts 250 Amps 2 0 Depth 8 75" Height 27 5" Overall Width with Flanges 35 5" Overall Width with Electric Box 39 5"

Oriental Furniture Majestic Elephant Bath Set - 7 Piece - Ginseng
Oriental Furniture Majestic Elephant Bath Set - 7 Piece - Ginseng

2 Bath Towels 52" x 28", 2 Hand Towels 30" x 16", 2 Washcloths 13" x 13", & 1 Bath Mat 34" x 20"


Mirrors - personal choices

Framed Mirror Finish: Gold
Framed Mirror Finish: Gold

Oval Mirror . Available in the following colors: Antique Gold, Satin Nickel, Antique Pewter, Bronze Finishes and Colors - Antique Gold

Clear Cling powerHook shower bathroom Fog-Free Mirror
Clear Cling powerHook shower bathroom Fog-Free Mirror

Fog free plastic mirror with storage hooks. Buy a long row so each of you have its own.

Ginger Empire Hexagonal Frameless Mirror
Ginger Empire Hexagonal Frameless Mirror

Size of mirror is 27.7 inches wide, 24 inches high and protrudes .9 inches from the wall.


Go ahead - tell me what you think!

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    • mulberry1 profile image

      mulberry1 7 years ago

      A pretty bathroom is indeed a great place to relax. Love all of the decorative pieces here!