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Advantages Of Having A Latex Pillow

Updated on August 27, 2011

There are many kinds of pillows in the market that one may have difficulty choosing the best fit for his needs and preferences. You spend a good amount of time resting on your pillow and a third of your whole existence sleeping, that selecting for pillows that match your body’s contour well is pretty crucial. Shopping for the perfect pillow is not an easy task. Surely, you wouldn’t want to waste good money on expensive yet underperforming products.

Here are the advantages of having a latex pillow:

· Longer Lasting

Buying a latex pillow among a myriad of products is the safest choice. A latex pillow is made of soft foam produced by sap of a rubber tree. Although foam doesn’t exactly have a good reputation, rest assured latex is altogether a different story. Back then foams do not last long. With the latest technology, latex foam lasts longer.

· Maximum Support

Latex pillows are firmer and provide maximum support that conforms perfectly around your head and neck. The product is stuffed with material that supports and improves spine alignment, thus correcting your physique posture.

· Customized Shapes

Latex foam is resilient, making it possible to create various shapes that fit all kinds of sleepers. Manufacturers simply select a foam density and incorporate it with beautiful designs customized for every kind of sleeper there is. Stomach sleepers are especially happy with soap shaped latex pillows tailored to their comfort and needs.

· Undisturbed Sleep

Users love the bouncy characteristic of latex pillows that gives them long undisturbed sleep. They are especially attractive to sleepers who are constantly shifting position as latex pillows only take less than 30 seconds to bounce back to their original position.

· Hypoallergenic

Pillows made of latex naturally resist dust mites and mildew. Thus, latex pillows are the best match for sensitive and allergic individuals.

Although pricey, they are very much worth good money as opposed to traditional pillows that need to be replaced every now and then. With proper care and maintenance, pillows made of latex may last for up to 5 years and more. These types of pillow are easily stained. It is wise to cover them using pillow cases preferably with zippers. Keep in mind never to expose your pillows to direct sunlight. Do not soak on water nor wring or twist dry. To clean this type of pillows, blot with clean towel soaked in mild detergent and water solution. Hang to air dry away from sunlight.

What do you love most about latex pillows?

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