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Advantages and benefits of Vermicomposting

Updated on August 27, 2011

Usable organic wastes that are gathered in our kitchen’s today are always made available but also needs constant disposal. There’s your fruit and vegetable peels, some bread shreds, as well as some broken egg shells. Now, this is where vermicomposting can help in. A lot of red worms for sale can be purchased in several markets today, should you feel like starting this wonderful project at home.

What is Vermicomposting?

It is a process that uses composting worms and other microbes in turning your everyday kitchen scraps into black, odorless (earthy-smelling), and nutrient-filled worm castings (also known as worm manure). It is the fastest way in converting organic waste into a quality-made natural fertilizer (produced for about 4 to 6 weeks). The process of red worms composting is definitely a good method especially when you want to help the environment.

The advantages of Vermicomposting

Vermicomposting has many useful advantages to it. Let’s start by citing that is it very environment friendly. Bear in mind that using earthworms for composting is very beneficial, as they only feed on organic materials that are ecological. And to some extent, this process also helps in minimizing garbage disposals. Aside from these great returns, worm composting does not have a need for imported inputs, since red worms and various worm feeds (like grasses, used papers, farm wastes such as animal manure, etc.) are now made available in several markets today. And aside from these wonderful advantages, this worm composting process can eventually lead you to a money-making venture. You can sell both the worms and its castings, and you’ll definitely have a ready market available.

The Benefits of Vermicompost

As soon as your red wiggler worms have excreted their nutrient-filled castings, you can now start by separating these from the worm bin. You can do this by using gloves and by preparing a piece of paper for partitioning the castings from your red wigglers. You can begin in setting-up these worm castings on your plants and soil. This in turn, will help increase its moisture and nutrient retention capacity. It will also aid it in improving the aeration and root penetration of the soil. Vermicomposts will also be able to lessen the damages done in a soils physical structure (crusting for example). Aside from these, your soil will be immunized with a lot of micronutrients; and the amount of helpful soils microbes will also increase. That’s how beneficial vermicomposting is. offers live and healthy worms for composting like Red Wiggler worms and European Nightcrawlers.They also offer quality organic gardening products from organic fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides to other green gardening supplies and equipments. Visit their site and browse their catalog to know more about their products.


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    • profile image

      sak 17 months ago

      THANKS for helping me to do my project on vermin composting

    • profile image

      leahdes 5 years ago

      vermi is very useful and i love it that could be all thank u

    • profile image

      SAJAL BISWAS 5 years ago


    • profile image

      SUBRATA KUMAR DAS 6 years ago

      Excellent, i m trying it in hilly region to, Are u wanna help me.

    • KevinTimothy profile image

      Kevin J Timothy 7 years ago from Tampa Bay, FL

      Another benefit to vermicomposting I'd like to add is the fact that it's one of the few organic fertilizers that doesn't "burn" your plants. Years back I used horse manure for a vegetable garden and it not only stretch many stems, but gave me veggies a burnt worn out look.